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Top GMAT Classes in Springfield, MA

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Top GMAT Classes in Springfield, MA

If you have been looking for a way to spice up your career, an MBA from a local school such as Western New England University may just do the trick. Of course, earning an MBA requires a great deal of work. A business program needs to accept you to get the process started, and that often means earning a good score on the GMAT. The GMAT (or Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized exam designed with business school in mind. If you want to earn your best possible score, Veritas Prep can enroll you in a Springfield GMAT class to help you study more effectively.

There are four sections on the GMAT. The first is Integrated Reasoning, a multiple-choice section that measures your ability to apply academic information to real-life scenarios. It’s administered in a Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT) format, meaning that how you answered your previous questions will influence the difficulty of the next one. It can be easy to second-guess your prior answers if the exam starts to feel simple, but nothing good can come of thinking that way. You can review methodologies for focusing on the task at hand during your Springfield GMAT class.

The Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections both use the same CAT format as well. The Verbal Reasoning section measures your English Language Arts skills, while the Quantitative Reasoning component concentrates on mathematics. Each is scored from 0-60.

The Analytical Writing section requires students to write an essay based on the provided prompt. It may seem counterintuitive for a business test to have an essay section, as your boss is never asking you for a research paper on Shakespeare or the Boer War. However, effective communication skills are among the most important things you can have in an office environment.

Every Springfield GMAT class we offer is taught by an instructor who personally scored within the 99th percentile on their own exam, making them a tremendous source for practical test-taking advice you can use on test day. Our platform also facilitates interaction with your classmates, allowing you to work collaboratively and help each other out.

We also understand how busy working professionals can get, so we offer several Springfield GMAT classes concurrently to make it easier to find one for your schedule. Each class also includes access to our self-study course materials so that you can study whenever you get the chance between meetings.

The GMAT is a difficult test, but you can succeed with the right tools. Please reach out to an academic advisor if you would like more information about Veritas Prep Springfield GMAT classes!

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