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Top GMAT Classes in Louisville, KY

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Top GMAT Classes in Louisville, KY

The GMAT is a rather difficult exam, but it also can be one of the best ways to improve your application to business schools such as those of the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. A Louisville GMAT class from Veritas Prep is an opportunity to increase your preparedness and confidence as you move toward this exam.

The GMAT is a popular admissions exam for business schools, though will accept the GRE as well. The test is administered on a computer, which helps the exam adapt to the abilities of the test taker. If the person taking the test answers a question correctly, the following question may be one that is more challenging. Likewise, if the person answers the question incorrectly, the following question might be easier. The GMAT has four sections: Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Verbal Reasoning. Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning are both scored from 0 to 60, while Integrated Reasoning is scored from 1 to 8, and Analytical Writing is scored from 0 to 6.

Louisville GMAT classes are excellent tools for preparation that combine modern convenience with the benefits of traditional learning environments. You and your classmates will meet virtually with your instructor in a live online classroom. You will be able to interact in real time and receive feedback from the instructor and your peers. Additionally, the instructor can adapt their time to the needs of the whole group. For example, if the class has a question about a specific problem on the Quantitative Reasoning portion, the instructor can take extra time to address the group’s concern. Instructors for all Louisville GMAT classes scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT. They are an excellent resource as you look to do your best on this exam. There are several classes running at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about finding a class that fits your time constraints.

Moreover, all Louisville GMAT class come with access to supplementary materials for your own study outside of class. These include practice tests and on-demand video lessons that delve deeper into advanced topics.

Veritas Prep offers a tremendous resource for your test preparation with Louisville GMAT classes. As you work and study for this important exam, you want as much help as you can get. If you want the chance to learn virtually with excellent instructors and with stellar resources, contact one of our academic advisors online or over the phone.

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