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Top GMAT Classes in Lakeland, FL

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Top GMAT Classes in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, Florida, is situated in the central portion of the sunshine state. This makes it a great jumping off point for anyone interested in pursuing an advanced degree in one of the state’s prestigious colleges such as the University of Florida, University of Miami, or Florida International University. The GMAT is one of the most popular exams for those interested in an MBA degree. Veritas Prep can help you register for a Lakeland GMAT class in your area to help prepare you for an upcoming exam.

There are four distinct sections of the GMAT: Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. Students taking the exam have a total of 3.5 hours to complete all of the sections. Unlike many other entrance examinations, the GMAT can be taken any time during the year at one of the approved testing facilities. Students also have the opportunity to take the test multiple times if they are unsatisfied with their initial score; however, each subsequent test does carry an additional testing fee. It is important to note that the GMAT can only be taken five times within a given year and that there must be at least sixteen days between each attempt.

Lakeland GMAT classes can help you prepare for the GMAT whether you are taking it for the first or fifth time. GMAT instructors scored in the top 99th percentile on the exam. This means not only are the instructors familiar with the exam material, they have proven the efficacy of their strategies and testing techniques.

Lakeland GMAT classes are an online experience making it ideal for those with a hectic schedule who don’t want to add an additional commute to their busy day. There are several class options for students to choose from to make it even easier to find a convenient time. Instructors dive into each section of the exam and cover the exact topics students need to understand to do well on the exam.

When you sign up for a Lakeland GMAT class you will also receive a library of prerecorded, on-demand, and interactive video lessons to watch at your convenience. The library also includes a wide variety of study materials to ensure you have what you need. If you happen to get stuck on one of the concepts, you will love the regularly available live homework help offered with this class.

If you know you are ready to take the next step in preparing for your academic future, contact Veritas Prep today to enroll in a Lakeland GMAT class.

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