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Top GMAT Classes in Harrisburg, PA

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Top GMAT Classes in Harrisburg, PA

If you are a business professional with a bachelor’s degree in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, earning an MBA could open you up to a slew of career opportunities. If you’re a college student in Harrisburg, continuing your education at a business school could do the same. Whether you are considering pursuing a degree at the Penn State Harrisburg School of Business Administration or another institution further away, you may be looking at taking the GMAT. This comprehensive exam requires proper test prep to do your best, but Veritas Prep is here to help. We can set you up in a Harrisburg GMAT class. Our academic advisors are available to tell you more or you can continue reading for further information.

The GMAT has four sections to test your overall abilities. Business schools use your scores to determine how well you may do in their programs. You’ll face an Integrated Reasoning section, a Verbal Reasoning section, a Quantitative Reasoning section, and an Analytical Writing section. Portions of the GMAT use computer-adaptive testing - or CAT - to determine which questions you should be asked. If you continually perform well on these questions, they will progressively increase in difficulty, and vice versa. You will have 3 and a half hours total to complete the GMAT.

Harrisburg GMAT classes allow you to get the classroom learning experience from home. You’ll step into a virtual online classroom to meet with your instructor and classmates. Your instructor scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT, so they can share their insight on how to do well on the test while covering the topics you need to understand and strategies for each section. You’ll have 36 hours of class instruction for 6 weeks to prepare for the exam.

Harrisburg GMAT classes offer some flexibility as well. We offer several sections, so you can sign up for the class that meets when you are available. In addition to the class, we’ll also give you access to self-study materials that you can use to practice outside of class time. you get thousands of practice questions, streamable on-demand video lessons, a diagnostic test to assess where you should focus your study efforts, and live homework help if you get stuck on sample questions.

If the benefit of classroom learning with an expert instructor appeals to you, contact Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors can help you sign up for the Harrisburg GMAT section that meets at the best time for you.

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