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Top GMAT Classes in Detroit, MI

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Top GMAT Classes in Detroit, MI

There are plenty of excellent reasons to take a Detroit GMAT class. Whether you’re about to graduate from college and you’re sure you want to go into business school or you’ve been in the professional world for a while and you want to gain an advanced degree from a reputable program, high GMAT scores can show programs and even employers that you’re a reliable candidate. If you’re nervous about taking the test, your reaction is certainly understandable. Standardized tests can be difficult to study for. That’s why we offer an in-depth Detroit GMAT class at Veritas Prep. We want to help you feel more prepared for the exam and gain a deeper understanding of both its content and its format.

Some professional programs and business schools will want to see your GMAT scores as part of their application process. If you’re thinking about applying to Marygrove College, for example, you may want to take the GMAT so you can demonstrate your readiness for graduate learning. A good Detroit GMAT class will help you prepare for the exam and feel more confident on test day.

The exam covers four sections and takes three hours and 30 minutes to complete. You will be tested on Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. To allow for consistency and fairness, the GMAT is now only given on computers. Paper-based tests are no longer available.

Luckily, the Detroit GMAT class we offer is online, which means you can learn to feel more comfortable with virtual learning while you study for the exam. Once you’re online, you’ll have access to a live classroom with a highly qualified and experienced instructor leading the lessons and providing study strategies and resources. You’ll also be taking classes with other students who are online in the same virtual classrooms. This gives you a sense of community and helps you to feel less isolated as you’re going through your exam prep.

Multiple study sessions and classes will run simultaneously, so you’ll have the opportunity to pick and choose times that work the best for you and your schedule. The beauty of an online class is that you don’t have to re-arrange your already busy schedule or fight traffic to get to a classroom. You can learn when it’s convenient, and you can access the class from any computer or mobile device.

We look forward to helping you prepare for the GMAT. Contact us at Veritas Prep to learn more about the platform and the classes we can offer.

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