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Top GMAT Classes in Akron, OH

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Top GMAT Classes in Akron, OH

“Professional” and “student” are no longer mutually-exclusive categories, as many young professionals are returning to business school to earn an MBA and enhance their resumes. If you have been looking into business schools, you may have seen the GMAT as an admission requirement. This standardized test is designed specifically to help graduate-level business programs identify strong candidates for admission, so it behooves you to take your test prep seriously. At Veritas Prep, we offer a selection of Akron GMAT classes that can help you work toward your educational goals.

The GMAT is comprised of four distinct sections. The first covers Integrated Reasoning and consists of multiple-choice questions scored on a scale from 1-8. The next two are Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning, each of which contain multiple-choice items scored on a scale from 0-60. Finally, the last section is Analytical Writing and requires test-takers to write an essay on the prompt provided. Students have a total of three and a half hours to finish the test.

Our Akron GMAT classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors who personally scored within the 99th percentile when they took the test, making them an amazing resource for proven test-taking strategies, time management techniques, and anything else you might want to know about the exam. All instruction is live, so any questions you have can be answered on the spot.

In addition, we offer multiple class times through our innovative online classroom to make it easier for working professionals to find a session that fits into their schedule. Since all instruction happens online, you can also swap ideas with peers around the country.

If you want to study when your Akron GMAT class isn’t in session, every class comes with self-study resources as an added bonus. You get digital guidebooks, interactive lessons, and a question bank filled with practice problems to give you an idea of what to expect on exam day. Any questions you have can also be answered through our live homework help. The choice is yours.

Higher education is always a great investment, especially if you attend a local school such as The University of Akron for your graduate studies. If you have been searching for a comprehensive Akron GMAT class that fits into your life as a working professional, look no further than Veritas Prep. Please contact an academic advisor by phone or through the contact form below to get the process started!

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