Free SAT Video Tips

Are you just getting started in your SAT prep? Stuck at a certain level and just can’t seem to improve your SAT score anymore? The videos below can help you! They highlight just a few of the test-taking techniques taught in Veritas Prep's SAT prep course.

Presented by one of Veritas Prep's 99th percentile scoring SAT instructors, these videos will leave you with actionable takeaways to use as you prepare for the SAT. They cover all sections of the exam, including Reading, Math, Writing & Language, and the optional essay. We recommend using these videos to familiarize yourself with basic test-taking strategy, as well as Veritas Prep’s proven approach to SAT mastery. We frequently add new lesson videos, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back again.

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How to Solve IMPOSSIBLE Math Problems

With this first webisode of "Study and Triumph," Cambrian will help show you how those "impossible" math problems might not be so difficult after all, so you can walk in on test day confident that you'll triumph in the Math section!