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How do I register for a course or private tutoring?

Registering online for any Veritas Prep course is easy. Simply enter your location then follow the directions from there. Rest assured your credit card and personal information is completely safe and secure during the checkout process. We utilize 256-bit with RSA encryption SSL certificates, the latest and strongest level of encryption currently available to keep your data secure. If you prefer to register by phone, feel free to contact our helpful staff at 800.925.7737 or 310.456.8716 (outside the United States) if you need assistance with the enrollment process. Students in the UK can reach us at Our business hours can be found on the Contact Us page.

May I register over the phone?

Yes, absolutely! Please contact our helpful staff at 800.925.7737 or 310.456.8716 (outside the United States) if you need assistance with the enrollment process. Students in the UK can reach us at

May I show up for class and register/pay there?

Students must register online or over the phone prior to attending class in order to receive the course materials on time. Additionally, we recommend that students complete one GMAT practice test prior to class, which is located in their online student account. When you register, you may pay in full or utilize our flexible payment plan option.

What is the latest date I may register for a Veritas Prep course?

Students may register up to one week after a course starts. In fact, it is not uncommon for students to join a course after the second or third session. However, we recommend that you enroll no later than two weeks prior to the course start date to ensure delivery of the course materials, and to give yourself ample time to complete the recommended pre-course work.

Does Veritas Prep let me pay for my service in installments or on a payment plan?

Yes! When you enroll, just choose the payment plan option on the checkout page. The first charge will be processed the same day or the next business day. The remaining balance will be charged at monthly intervals, based on the payment plan you select during checkout.

Do I need a visa to attend a Veritas Prep course?

A visa is not required to attend any Veritas Prep course. International students commonly take Veritas Prep courses in the United States using a tourist visa.

Can I get my Veritas Prep course costs reimbursed by my employer?

Yes. Many students have been reimbursed by their company for the Veritas Prep tuition cost. Please contact our helpful staff at 800.925.7737 or 310.456.8716 (outside the United States), and they can provide you with the necessary documentation required by your organization, including a letter of course completion.

Does Veritas Prep offer corporate courses?

Yes, Veritas Prep partners with many top employers to offer on-site GMAT courses for employees. The Veritas Prep Corporate Education Program enables companies to offer their employees the best GMAT preparation in the industry, combined with maximum flexibility. Employers can take advantage of Veritas Prep’s existing network of global locations, or, for added convenience, Veritas Prep can set up tailored, on-site classes anywhere in the world. Please call our helpful staff at 800.925.7737 or 310.456.8716 (outside the United States) to see if your company offers on-site Veritas Prep courses, or how to set one up.

What is the Veritas Prep course refund policy?

Please see our Terms & Conditions.


What is the difference between the 3 week Full Course and the 6 week Full Course?

These classes are the exact same, they simply run on different schedules. The instructor, materials, syllabus, resources, and everything else are the exact same no matter what schedule you choose.

Do I need to prepare prior to the course?

Yes, we recommend reviewing the Skillbuilder lessons under the “On Demand Videos” tab of your online student account. We also recommend that you complete one GMAT practice test, which is also found in your student account.

How does Veritas Prep compare with Kaplan and Princeton Review?

Veritas Prep compares quite favorably with Kaplan and Princeton Review, and is engineered to be the best provider of GMAT preparation in the world. We offer a more comprehensive course, more practice tests, better instructor standards and superior customer support. But the biggest difference is the way we approach the test. Click here to learn more about our course methodology.
Veritas Prep Kaplan Princeton Review
Classroom Hours 36 23 22
Homework Help Hours Per Week 14 0 0
Computer Adaptive Practice Tests 12 9 5
Minimum Instructor GMAT Percentile 99th 90th No Minimum
Availability of Live Instruction 90 Cities 20 Countries 20 Countries 16 Countries
Cost $1,650 $1,599 $1,699

Why are Veritas Prep GMAT instructors the best in the industry?

Veritas Prep was founded on the philosophy that “Success Favors the Prepared”, a notion that resonates throughout every GMAT course and extends to the way that Veritas Prep instructors are hired and trained. Every instructor must have scored in the 99th percentile on an officially-administered GMAT exam (not a practice test) to even be considered for a teaching position with Veritas Prep. From there, Veritas Prep filters qualified applicants for demonstrated teaching passion and ability and a genuine intellectual curiosity about the GMAT and its students. Successful applicants pass three phases of interviews before being hired:
  1. A preliminary interview with the Academic Development team, in which successful applicants will showcase their enthusiasm for teaching and their interest in the GMAT as a subject.
  2. An instructional interview in which successful applicants will not merely teach their assigned questions, but rather teach lasting lessons focused on strategic takeaways and student thought processes.
  3. An in-person interview with a Mentor Instructor in which a successful applicant will create her own GMAT practice questions, showing an ability to think like the testmaker and anticipate necessary student lessons; in this session, the applicant will preview the training process by learning from a Mentor Instructor with whom she will keep in touch throughout her training, sharing resources and shadowing lessons.
By the time an instructor begins her training as a Veritas Prep instructor, we will have ensured that your teacher will be passionate about teaching, curious beyond just the answer on the page, creative in her approach to building lasting lessons, and genuinely interested in your improvement as a student and her ongoing development as an instructor.

How do you evaluate student satisfaction?

Every Veritas Prep student submits an evaluation form after completing their course or tutoring package. Students assess the instructor’s proficiency with each of the lessons and critique the instructor based on style and effectiveness. Students answer whether or not they would recommend the instructor to their friends. The evaluation also asks students to grade each lesson booklet, course structure, the classroom environment, practice tests, and every other facet of the entire Veritas Prep experience. The course evaluation helps Veritas Prep ensure that every lesson plan is perfect and that every member of the faculty exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning student.

How soon after the course should I take the GMAT?

Most students are ready to take the test two to four weeks after the course ends, with four weeks being the most common timeframe. We strongly recommend that you wait to set a test date until you are halfway through our course and have a better sense of the test and the material. Your instructor can help recommend the best date based on your abilities with material, your target score, and your performance on practice tests and homework questions.

What are my options if I miss a class?

Veritas Prep offers four options to students who are unable to attend one or more days of class.
  1. All students have access to our Veritas Prep on Demand™ service where they will be able to preview classes, review concepts or make-up missed sessions. In addition, students have access to email support and the instructor-manned Live Online Office Hours , all at no additional charge.
  2. Veritas Prep offers many of its courses on the same schedule around the world. If you miss a GMAT class due to travel obligations, you may attend the same class in another city.
  3. Veritas Prep offers private tutoring to students at a discounted rate of $185/hour. Most students find that one hour of private tutoring equates to one full class session, but you are welcome to sign up for as many hours as you see fit.
  4. Finally, if you are in no rush to take the GMAT, you can repeat missed classes in the next course at no additional charge. Our GMAT courses typically run back-to-back, with a one or two week break between.

Does Veritas Prep offer a guarantee?

Some companies offer “score guarantees” that require their students to jump through several hoops: working through every homework problem assigned, attending every class, completing every practice test, etc. If you miss one hoop, you forfeit your guarantee. Some companies offer guarantees that only apply to students who do not score above a 600 while others will charge you up to $800 to retake their course. The Veritas Prep Guarantee is a simple one: You may retake one Veritas Prep course from the same type of course (e.g., GMAT students may take another GMAT course at no charge, but not a GRE course) initially purchased, based upon availability of equal or lesser value, for any reason, free of charge within 12 months of the course start date. Even if you score a 710, but feel that with a little more preparation you could score a 760 ... retake the course. If you feel that you still have room for improvement on the advanced verbal problems ... sit in on Critical Reasoning II and Sentence Correction II again. If you felt a little behind the other students in your class ... retake the course and be the star the second time around. For more details on our returning student policy, please see our Terms and Conditions. If you have a previous official GMAT score and take any live 36-hour course (Veritas Prep Full Course, Full Course Live Online, or 1-Week Accelerated Course), and your score does not improve, we will refund your entire tuition or you can repeat the course free of charge. To be eligible for the refund, you need to request that the Graduate Management Admissions Council send official copies of your GMAT Score Report to Veritas Prep within 90 days after your course concludes. For SAT and ACT courses, we guarantee an improvement in composite score over a previous composite score as reported on official documentation sent to Veritas Prep.

How does Veritas Prep compare with Manhattan Prep?

Veritas Prep compares quite favorably with Manhattan Prep. We offer a more comprehensive course, more practice tests and better customer support. But the key difference is our approach to the exam. Click here to learn more about how Veritas Prep compares with Manhattan Prep.
Veritas Prep Manhattan Prep
Classroom Hours 36 27
Computer Adaptive Practice Tests 12 6
Minimum Instructor GMAT Percentile 99th 99th
Availability of Live Instruction 90 Cities, 20 Countries 26 Cities, 3 Countries
Repeat Your Course for Free? Yes No
Cost $1,650 $1,599
Note that Manhattan Prep has been owned by Kaplan, Inc., since 2009.

Does Veritas Prep offer a free trial GMAT class?

Yes, we’re so confident in our curriculum and instructors that we invite you to try them out for yourself. Sit in on the first Veritas Prep GMAT class in select cities at no charge, no strings attached. Come meet your instructor and see for yourself how we offer the most comprehensive GMAT prep course in the industry. These aren’t seminars or “preview” sessions – you will sit in on a real class meeting of our six-week Full Course, led by an experienced Veritas Prep GMAT instructor who has scored in the 99th percentile on a real GMAT exam. Click here to see options in your city.


When may I access Veritas Prep On Demand?

Students will be granted immediate access upon enrollment. As a student in any course, you will have unlimited access to Veritas Prep On Demand™ for one year from the start of your course. If you purchased Veritas Prep On Demand exclusively or if you are a private tutoring student, you will have access to it for 12 months from the day you registered. In your personal Veritas Prep account you will be able to extend this subscription one month at a time for $99 per month.

What is the difference between in-person courses and Full Course Live Online™?

In-person and Live Online courses are the exact same in every single way. The courses incorporate the same instructors, syllabus, material and resources. The only difference is that with the Live Online Course, students do not physically visit a classroom. However, it is live and interactive, ensuring the same quality of preparation. Courses are delivered in several time-zone groups so no matter where you are, there is a Live Online Course for you. Everything else including the lesson booklets, subjects covered, and overall pace stays exactly the same. Students and instructors collaborate using an interactive whiteboard and instant messaging utility, making note-taking fast and easy. Students will also be able to preview and review lessons through the pre-recorded Veritas Prep On Demand™ lessons should they miss anything in class. Finally, the Full Course Live Online™ lessons are recorded so that students can replay their own class sessions.

Is there a free class I can attend before I enroll?

Yes. Veritas Prep hosts free live online GMAT seminars twice a month as an introduction to the GMAT and how our course curriculum will prepare you to think like the testmaker in order to master the test. Click here to enroll for the next upcoming online GMAT seminar.


Who are your tutors?

Veritas Prep tutors and instructors are one and the same. Tutors will encompass the same qualifications as any Veritas Prep instructor.

Who should register for a Private Tutoring Package?

Private tutoring is an excellent option for anyone looking to excel on the GMAT. It is especially helpful for those who want the convenience of meeting when and where it suits them, for those who already know that they only need to focus on specific areas of the GMAT, or for those that simply prefer learning one-on-one. Additionally, students may combine a GMAT course with private tutoring, which is an extremely efficient way to study. Students may add single hours of private tutoring to their course at a discounted rate of $185/hour.


When will I receive my materials?

Veritas Prep ships materials immediately upon enrollment for students who have either paid their first installment or paid in full. Students will receive a FedEx tracking number in their personalized student account to ensure proper delivery.

What do I receive with the course?

  • An instructor who scored above the 99th percentile on an actual GMAT and is dedicated to helping you duplicate that success
  • 12 Veritas Prep course lesson booklets that cover every topic of the GMAT, in depth
  • 12 complete computer adaptive GMAT practice tests
  • Access to Veritas Prep on Demand™, our exclusive self-paced course
  • Complete and detailed solutions to all problems
  • AWA scoring and personalized feedback from expert AWA graders
  • Personalized Veritas Prep student account, that includes additional practice drills and class summaries for those who miss class or seek additional review
  • MBA Workshop. All Veritas Prep students attend a free live session to start perfecting their own business school application strategies
  • Live Online Office Hours manned by Veritas Prep’s most experienced instructors
  • Unlimited online support through the personalized student account
  • 7 Diagnostic Midterms and detailed Diagnostic Reports™

May I purchase the Veritas Prep course materials separately?

Yes, you may purchase course materials separately at the Veritas Prep store.


Do you offer a course in my town?

Veritas Prep offers courses in more than 85 cities across 20 countries. Additionally, we offer Live Online courses available anywhere in the world. Click here to find a location near you.

Do you have parking information for my location?

Parking varies by location, but after you register we will send a PDF including all of the logistical details for your course location a few days before the first session. Additionally, feel free to contact our helpful staff at 800-925-7737 or 310.456.8716 (outside the United States) if you need assistance on the first day of class.

Online student accounts

What is included in Veritas Prep online student accounts?

The Veritas Prep online student account includes:
  • Access to Veritas Prep On Demand, where you can review pre-recorded lessons online (if you missed class or simply to reinforce the material)
  • Access to 12 computer adaptive GMAT practice tests
  • Access to 7 diagnostic quizzes
  • The ability to track score improvements on practice tests
  • The ability to track shipping information, pay balances, update contact information and view invoices
  • A detailed course syllabus
  • Detailed driving and parking information for class
  • Additional strategies not included in the lesson booklets

How many practice tests are made available to me?

Veritas Prep provides an industry-high 12 computer adaptive GMAT practice exams to its students online via their personalized student account.


What does my GMAT score mean?

Your GMAT score is the single most important way to signal to business schools how prepared you are for the academic rigors of an MBA program. The GMAT has proven to be a consistently reliable predictor of academic success in graduate business school. A common axiom in business school admissions is that a high GMAT score will never be the sole factor that gets you into your school of your choice, but a low score can keep you out. Admissions officers tend to look for a well-rounded applicant, so students who score highly on both the verbal and quantitative portions of the GMAT have a distinct advantage. Keep in mind, the GMAT is not an aptitude test. Those who become comfortable with the format of the GMAT in advance and master effective strategies before test day, have a distinct advantage over those who take the test cold.

What content is tested on the GMAT?

The GMAT measures basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills. It does NOT measure:
  • your knowledge of business,
  • your job skills,
  • specific content in your undergraduate or first university course work,
  • your abilities in any other specific subject area, or
  • subjective qualities—such as motivation, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

Format and Timing

The GMAT consists of four main parts—the Analytical Writing Assessment, the Integrated Reasoning section, the Quantitative section, and the Verbal section.

Analytical Writing Assessment

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) consists of one essay, Analysis of an Argument. You are allowed 30 minutes to complete this section. The AWA is scored on a scale of 0-6.0, and does not count toward your overall GMAT score. Schools are able to read your entire essay as part of your official score report.

Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning asks you to analyze a small compilation of data — presented in various forms, including words, charts, and tables — and pull out key insights to answer multiple questions about the data. The questions vary by type, and may ask you to judge whether a statement is true or false or to interpret the cause of a certain trend in the data. You are allowed 30 minutes to complete this section, which is scored on a scale of 1-8. The Integrated Reasoning score does not count toward your overall GMAT score.

Quantitative Section

The quantitative section contains 31 multiple-choice questions of two question types—Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. You will be allowed a maximum of 62 minutes to complete the entire section. You will receive a quantitative section score on a scale of 0-60, and the quantitative section counts toward your overall GMAT score.

Verbal Section

The verbal section contains 36 multiple choice questions of three question types—Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. You are allowed a maximum of 62 minutes to complete the entire section. The verbal section is scored on a scale of 0-60, and counts toward your overall GMAT score.

How do I register for the GMAT?

Prospective test-takers can find location and schedule information, plus register to take the GMAT, online at, or by calling 1-800-717-GMAT. The GMAT costs $250, $170 of which is non-refundable. Since 1997, GMAC has offered the GMAT in a computer-based format, so test dates and times vary by location. Please register early if your schedule lacks flexibility.

Will you sell my information to anyone else?

Never. We will never share your information with a third party without your consent. You can see our full privacy policy here.