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Detroit GMAT Prep Courses

Detroit is where it all started. The genesis of General Motors, Eminem and our very own Vice President of Academic Programs, Brian Galvin. If you’re looking for a GMAT prep course in Detroit, look no further than Veritas Prep. With the world’s best GMAT instructors, curriculum and resources, our Detroit GMAT course will help you reach your maximum potential on test day. If you know Brian, you know that he wouldn’t have it any other way. Scroll down to find a GMAT course near you. Oh, and Go Blue!

Why you’ll love Veritas Prep:


My instructor was the best professor I've ever had my academic career. If only the Ivy's can live up to his standards, then I will surely be satisfied. He strikes a perfect balance of rigor, communication, and support.
-Joseph M.


The return on investment for a GMAT prep course with Veritas is excellent. There are so many quality components simultaneously working together that I felt like I just completed the best course that can be offered.
-Ryan W.


I was able to leverage the live course, on-demand videos, book materials, skillbuilders, and homework problems to strengthen my weaknesses. The resources are top-notch and built upon an effective foundation for learning.
-Ryan W.


Veritas has pleasantly surpassed my high expectations. Retaining a full year of online resources and the privilege to retake the course at a later time has proven immeasurably valuable to my journey.
-Jim S.

Detroit GMAT
Course Schedule

February 15 - March 22

Saturdays, Sundays
12pm - 3pm (EST)
Live Online
A fully interactive online classroom; live instruction.
Live Online | $1,450 or 3 payments of $500

February 18 - March 26

Tuesdays, Thursdays
8pm - 11pm (EST)
Live Online
A fully interactive online classroom; live instruction.
Live Online | $1,450 or 3 payments of $500

February 24 - April 2

Mondays, Thursdays
8pm - 11pm (EST)
Live Online
A fully interactive online classroom; live instruction.
Live Online | $1,450 or 3 payments of $500

Feb 15 - Mar 22 S/Su 12pm - 3pm (EST)

Hailey Cusimano
Live Online

Feb 18 - Mar 26 T/Th 8pm - 11pm (EST)

Travis Morgan
Live Online

Feb 24 - Apr 2 M/Th 8pm - 11pm (EST)

Aaron Pond
Live Online


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Veritas Prep can set you up with Detroit GMAT course materials and other resources to help you improve your study skills heading into exam day. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is an important standardized exam. It's taken by both working professionals trying to accelerate their career trajectory and undergraduate students trying to develop a more comprehensive understanding of how the business world functions. Two distinct test-taker pools mean that a lot of people take this test to attend MBA programs at schools such as the University of Detroit Mercy or Wayne State University. You need to do well if you want to stand out from the crowd, but that doesn't mean you have to go it alone. 

The purpose of the GMAT is to help graduate business admissions departments identify applicants who have the foundational skills necessary for serious study of the business world. Each section of the exam measures business-relevant skills, making the exam much more practical than more academic entrance exams. You can try to prepare for it yourself, but you could be starting out at a disadvantage relative to classmates who invested in a Detroit GMAT prep course. Instead, keep reading to learn more about how Veritas Prep may be able to help you.

What Content Areas Does the GMAT Cover?

There are a total of four sections on the GMAT: Quantitative Reasoning (math), Verbal Reasoning (English), Integrated Reasoning (practical business exam), and an Analytical Writing Assessment (essay). These sections are in no set order, allowing test-takers some leeway to select their preferred lineup. You have to take everything over the course of about three and a half hours, but having the freedom to write your essay first or last is kind of nice. Here is a complete breakdown of the topics covered, section by section:

1. Quantitative Reasoning

The exam's Quantitative section consists of 31 multiple-choice questions over a testing session lasting 62 minutes. This section serves to assess a test-taker's mathematical ability, analytical thinking, and logic. It's scored on a scale from 0-60, but most students fall somewhere in the range of 6-51. There are two principle question types on this part of the exam: problem-solving and data sufficiency.

The problem-solving items are fairly straightforward. You are given data and asked to use it in order to evaluate math problems. While the formatting is simple, the questions can be challenging. You would be wise to go over some sample problems during your Detroit GMAT course so that you aren't surprised by anything on exam day.

The data sufficiency questions are a little bit more unique. You are given data to solve a math problem, but you do not actually solve the math problem. Instead, you indicate when enough data has been provided to draw the correct conclusion. It seems kind of bizarre, but it actually measures an important business skill. While it is obviously a bad idea to rush into a decision without a thorough understanding of the situation, it can be equally damaging to research something for so long that somebody else seizes the opportunity first. This distinction can be hard to pinpoint, so you might want to emphasize it while working with your Detroit GMAT prep course materials.

2. Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal section consists of 36 multiple-choice questions and 65 minutes. It is scored the same way as the Quantitative section above and is designed to assess a test-taker's command of the mechanics of the English language. Questions in this section may be classified into three distinct categories: reading comprehension, critical thinking, and sentence completions.

Reading comprehension items ask you to read a passage and answer questions concerning it, often requiring you to infer information beyond what is directly stated. Likewise, interpreting arguments and action plans is a key purpose of the critical thinking section. Improving your active reading skills by taking notes as you go along can help you with both of these question types. If you have yet to master this valuable study skill, practicing during a Detroit GMAT class could help you retain more of the info you read.

Sentence completion items require test-takers to select the most grammatically-correct option from the answer choices provided. If you have taken standardized exams before, this format will probably feel intuitive to you. That said, intuitive does not necessarily mean easy. It may be a good idea to look at some sample questions during your Detroit GMAT course so you understand what the exam is looking for.

3. Integrated Reasoning

The Integrated Reasoning section emphasizes the ability to apply the academic knowledge you learned in a classroom to a corporate setting. You have 30 minutes to answer a total of 12 questions, each of which demands more than one response. This section is graded on a scale from 1-8.

There are a lot of different question types in this section, including two-part analysis, multi-source reasoning, table analysis, and graphical interpretation. For instance, two-part analysis problems require you to find one answer that satisfies two completely different questions. If you blindly select the first answer that looks right, you may have skipped half of the question. The best way to develop a feel for how to tackle questions like these is to practice during your Detroit GMAT prep course.

Likewise, table analysis problems generally require you to interpret data in a spreadsheet. Business majors are usually pretty comfortable with programs like Microsoft Excel, but devoting some of your GMAT prep time to reinforcing your existing knowledge base could be a good idea.

4. Analytical Writing Assessment

Finally, the Analytical Writing Assessment is a 30-minute essay asking test-takers to evaluate an argument. The argument provided could be about anything, but you aren't expected to bring any prior knowledge to the table. Instead, your essay is scored by both electronic and human graders on criteria such as clarity of expression, organization, word choice, and topical analysis.

If you clam up during written exams, you might want to review how to outline your work in a Detroit GMAT class to make it feel more approachable. Not only does working from an outline give you a roadmap to help ensure a cohesive piece of writing, but it can also serve as a valuable reference point if you forget what you planned to say next. Some students scoff at the notion of using precious test-taking time on something that isn't graded, but you'll probably find it hard to go back once you are accustomed to outlining.

Similarly, you need reading comprehension skills to understand the argument you are critiquing. Active reading comes into play again, as it is often faster to refer back to your notes than an entire argument. You can also put the fundamental concepts of the Verbal section critical reasoning questions into practice when writing your essay, as the skills required are very complimentary.

What Test Prep Options Are Available to Me?

Veritas Prep can set you up with three valuable services: self-study Detroit GMAT course materials, Live Classes, and private tutoring. Each Detroit GMAT course contains pre-recorded interactive video lessons that may be streamed in HD quality on your favorite computer, phone, or tablet, allowing you to study wherever and whenever you like. Should any questions arise over the course of your test prep, you also get access to live homework help to get answers.

Every Detroit GMAT prep course also includes practice exams you can use to develop a greater familiarity with how the test works. Completing practice tests allows you to understand what the time available to you feels like, potentially making it easier to budget on exam day. It can also help you identify your academic strengths and any areas of opportunity that you might want to look at again. Most importantly, practice exams can get you used to the CAT (Computer-Adaptive Testing) format. Basically, the computer selects questions as a real-time response to how you're doing. This can feel disorienting without prep, so gaining some experience with it can only help.

If you feel as though you would benefit from a little more structure, a Live Class may be for you. Every Live Class is taught by a knowledgeable instructor who personally scored within the 99th percentile when they took the GMAT, making them a verifiable wellspring of information about the test. An innovative online classroom platform also allows real-time interaction with both the teacher and your classmates for a face-to-face study experience without the corresponding hassle.

Veritas Prep understands how busy you are, so multiple Live Classes are offered concurrently to make it easier to find one that works for you. Alternatively, one-on-one tutoring takes place entirely on your schedule. A private instructor can go over what you want to, when you want to, giving you a personalized experience. Every tutoring package also includes either the self-study Detroit GMAT course materials or a Live Class to compliment your private study time.

How Can I Get Started Today?

Simply reach out to an academic advisor using the phone number or contact form below to get the process started. An advisor can help walk you through the benefits of each option above and even explain how to combine these services to help you reach for your goals!

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MBA, Crummer Graduate School of Business B.A, Northwood University
As the adage goes, “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” Hailey Cusimano has had the opportunity to apply this (and many other cliché sayings) to both the sports and standardized test world, ensuring her students are applying the necessary strategies to make their preparation effective and efficient. Hailey emphasizes a strategy-driven approach to test preparation, centered on the idea that every student’s learning style is different. With this approach, she has been able to coach hundreds of students around the world to success on the GMAT and SAT with study techniques, strategies, and content reinforcement processes that build critical-thinking skills and allow students to tackle even the toughest questions the test has to offer. When Hailey is not making a difference in her students’ studies, she can often be found making a difference in the nonprofit world – helping orphaned and abandoned wildlife at one of the animal sanctuaries or refuges she volunteers her time with as she works toward a nonprofit of her own.  

Real reviews

I cannot thank Hailey enough
After a terrible night of sleep in anticipation of my second go at the GMAT, I scored a 720!  I cannot thank Hailey enough for her patience, guidance, support, instruction, and advice.  There's a zero chance I could have achieved this score without her.

Hailey was a fantastic tutor.
She has an extremely high level of expertise in GMAT math and was able to explain many of the problems in multiple ways until I really understood the concepts. I improved my Quant score by 9 points (38 to 47) and got a 730 overall (47 Q 44V). Could not have gotten my Quant in order nearly as fast or nearly as efficiently without Hailey's help.

The best tutor I've ever had
Hailey Cusimano from Veritas was the best tutor I've ever worked with! She was truly an encyclopedia and knew the answer to every question I asked her. Her knowledge of GMAT quant and verbal were unmatched and she has a talent for explaining problems in a way that is easy to understand. In additional to this, she was always enthusiastic and encouraging!

MBA, Kellogg
BA, Brigham Young University
Travis Morgan may be an actual movie producer (look him up on IMDB if you don’t believe us), but he certainly doesn’t fit the old cliché of “Hollywood types.”  In fact, Travis is a down-to-earth Veritas Prep instructor who is focused entirely on his GMAT students’ success. Having moved 5 times (!) before 6th grade, Travis now credits much of his career success to the skills he picked up early in life: adapting to new surroundings, new people, and new challenges.  It’s an expertise that he brings with him in his teaching methods.
A graduate of Brigham Young University (BA) and Northwestern-Kellogg (MBA), Travis’ goal as a teacher is to always meet students where they are now - how they think, what they see, the process they’re most comfortable with, and then try to open their eyes to a different approach, a new discovery, or a beneficial thought process. Here’s an example:  “I love to teach Sentence Correction. And even though about half of my students absolutely HATE Sentence Correction when they start, I show them that you don’t have to be an expert grammarian to do well on these problems. With a structured approach and a strategy called “Decision Points,” you can get the right answer with limited knowledge or even effort.”  And the biggest reward for Travis?  “I just love to see my students’ eyes light up when we teach this strategy and it completely transforms their entire view of these problems.”

Real reviews

My instructor, Travis Morgan, was phenomenal. 
  He was able to teach difficult concepts in simple ways so that everyone could understand.   Veritas Prep dissects the GMAT so that you know exactly what to expect and gives many helpful hints so that you know how to think like the test makers. The books that come with the course actually explain short cuts to doing the problems and walk you through step-by-step.  Seriously everyone in my class was very happy with the course and felt that it was well worth the money.

His classes were very dynamic
My instructor Travis Morgan (LA) was awesome!; he helped me to focus on effective strategies to tackle the GMAT! His classes were very dynamic and gave us advices out of the (material from his personal exprience as a test taker). My instructor and Veritas Prep are highly recomended!!

Special praise must be given to instructor Travis Morgan
whose upbeat personality kept me awake after a full day of work. Highly recommend

Education: BA, Brigham Young University | MBA, Brigham Young University | Doctoral coursework, University of Utah
Aaron Pond truly loves connecting with his students who count on Aaron to be a mentor, a friend, and a resource throughout the entire MBA application process. While the GMAT isn’t rocket science, Aaron could do that as well after receiving his undergraduate degree in Astrophysics from BYU. Since then, Aaron graduated first in his MBA cohort (also from BYU), and finished his doctoral coursework in Educational Leadership at the University of Utah. Aaron’s engaging teaching style and creative methodologies help students look at questions from a totally different perspective, turning horrendous problems into simple, 20-second solutions.
Even though Aaron has read all of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books in German (which seems like one of those “genius-y” type of things), Aaron likes to say, The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner. (Gordon B. Hinckley) As Aaron explains, “It is not just super-geniuses who ace the GMAT. It takes a balanced, calculated approach and it certainly takes work, but anybody can drastically improve their score.”

Real reviews

Aaron was a great teacher.
Aaron was a great teacher. He knows great techniques that  will help you improve your GMAT score. Thanks to Veritas Prep and Aaron, I'm a second year MBA student at one of the nation’s top MBA programs  and already have a full time job offer for when I finish my second year. I recommend Veritas Prep and Aaron to all my friends.

I really could feel like he cared about each student
My teacher Aaron went out of his way and put in extra time and effort to make sure all my questions were answered. He took time in each class to make sure each student understood the concepts clearly and still moved at an appropriate pace.  I really could feel like he cared about each student, not just his contract with Veritas Prep.

I haven't seen an instructor as well prepared as he is.
Our instructor Aaron Pond is a great guy always concerned with each student in our individual needs. I haven't seen an instructor as well prepared as he is.