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Year after year, Veritas Prep continues to attract the most ambitious students who gain admission to the most selective schools in the world. These successful students choose Veritas Prep because they’re go-getters, and our admissions counselors are go-getters, too. Our team of admissions experts earned insider experience as admissions committee representatives at top-tier colleges. The most talented college admissions counselors in the world choose Veritas Prep for three primary reasons:



Expert counselors have the greatest impact when they collaborate with a team of experts. Our counselors discuss the latest trends and most effective strategies with each other, and then share those best practices with their clients, instilling enormous confidence. As a result, our clients know the schools and programs better than other applicants and can clearly demonstrate why they’ll be a great fit at the schools to which they are applying.



With our interactive accounts, counselors, students, and parents tackle the application process on a centralized platform with resources for everything from managing timelines to writing essays. That means both counselors and clients can be more organized, ultimately creating an application that makes a cohesive, impactful, and persuasive argument for acceptance.



Veritas Prep attracts the most ambitious clients which creates an environment that is immensely productive and inspiring. The foremost admissions experts in the world come to Veritas Prep because it’s simply more rewarding to work with clients that have the same attitude and aptitude that the experts had when they themselves successfully applied to the most competitive colleges.

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At Veritas Prep, we know that Admissions Consulting requires the perfect balance of expertise and coaching, as well as project management and flexibility. We have 15 years of experience understanding the needs of both parents and students during this phase of life, and we’ve assembled the best team of college admissions experts to lead you through the process from start to finish. No two applicants are the same, which highlights the importance of working with a consultant who really “gets” you. Your Head Consultant will assess your candidacy, assist you throughout the application process, and ultimately help you submit the strongest, most compelling applications possible.


Find the expert who’s right for you

At Veritas Prep, we know that Admissions Consulting requires the perfect balance of expertise and coaching, as well as project management and flexibility. We have 15 years of experience understanding the needs of both parents and students during this phase of life, and we’ve assembled the best team of college admissions experts to lead you through the process from start to finish. No two applicants are the same, which highlights the importance of working with a consultant who really “gets” you. Your Head Consultant will assess your candidacy, assist you throughout the application process, and ultimately help you submit the strongest, most compelling applications possible.

BA, Brown University

Alexandria brings several years of experience evaluating domestic and international applicants on behalf of Brown University. She is well-versed in the steps of the college application process, and has taught high school students its ins and outs, starting from making a college list and ending at selecting a financial aid package. Her favorite part of the process is helping applicants craft the perfect personal statement essay.

Alexandria realized her passion for higher education as an undergraduate. She counseled first-year, sophomore, newly resumed, and transfer students while working for residential life. By her senior year, she was working alongside the admissions team for summer programs and responding to applicant and parent inquiries. After graduating, she managed a caseload of 120 high school seniors as they reviewed financial aid, placement tests, and class registration procedures for college. Alexandria loves supporting students in their endeavors and is ready for that student to be you!

Admissions experience at Yale University

Jessie is the Dean of one of Yale University’s residential colleges, a position she has held since 2014. In her role as Dean she provides academic and personal advising to college students, and also designs and oversees the freshman advising program. Prior to assuming the deanship, Jessie spent eight years as associate director of admissions for Yale and directed the campus interviewing program. Jessie teaches writing in Yale’s English Department, and has presented on writing college essays at national education conferences.

She worked as a journalist with National Public Radio and for print publications. An avid cycling and fitness enthusiast, Jessie is actively engaged with Athletics at Yale, and is equally passionate about theater and music, attending as many games and performances as her daughters will permit (or join for). Her approach to coaching is similar to the way she deans – understanding and isolating what animates the young adults she works with, and turning those interests into assets. The goal is to help young people embody and present the very best version of themselves, step by step.

Admissions experience at Northwestern University

Alexis is passionate about helping students find their perfect fit college! As an undergraduate at Northwestern University, she quickly immersed herself in research opportunities, residential life, and freshman orientation programming. Just before her senior year, her love for the school was noticed by a member of Northwesterns Office of Undergraduate Admissions. He encouraged her to join the Admissions team and serve as a Senior Admissions Counselor in the office, which she did. It was during that time that Alexis realized her passion for guiding students and families through the competitive college admissions process.

After graduating from Northwestern, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Psychological Services with a double major in Psychology, Alexis joined the staff full-time as an Assistant Director of Admission. This role provided Alexis with the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of college admissions, and she is excited to use that knowledge to help you gain admission to your dream school!

Admissions experience at Princeton University

Sylvia is an admissions expert with over a decade of experience working with top universities and students from all over the world. She understands what the competitive admissions process looks like and what universities are looking for in the exceptional students who apply. She believes there are no absolutes in the process and loves working with many different types of students to highlight their unique stories. Sylvia has worked for Princeton University Admissions. She has evaluated international and US applications.

Sylvia also served as Assistant Director of Admissions at City University of New York and as Director of Enrollment for Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. At Woodrow Wilson, she recruited students for programs at sixteen universities like University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Purdue University, Michigan State University, Ohio State University and many others. She is really excited to help you consider your path, possibilities and goals to craft the perfect college application.

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.Ed, Harvard University
M.Ed, Columbia University

Ruben was born and raised in Southwest Texas and his summers were spent traveling and working as a migrant farmer. This life of labor ignited his passion to attend our nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher education. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He also has a Master of Education in Prevention Science and Practice from Harvard University and a Master of Education in School Leadership from Columbia University.

His educational and professional journeys merged into college consulting and helping other young adults gain acceptance into their dream schools. He has a decades of experience working with the MIT Admissions Office, Harvard University Admissions Office and working with Texas high school seniors applying to the nation’s most selective schools. He is a 2010 Harry S. Truman Scholar and the following year was selected as a Rhodes Scholarship finalist. He has extensive experience in the college admissions process and wants to share his knowledge with you...specifically, crafting your personal narrative!

BA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
MS.Edu, University of Pennsylvania

Julie believes each student has a unique story to tell. She works with students to holistically tap into key components that showcase their academics, extracurricular interests and passions to strategically present to admissions committees. Julie has worked in higher education and admissions for over a decade, including recruiting students and reviewing applications at the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University, and overseeing admissions for a school at NYU. At Penn and NYU, Julie traveled domestically and abroad promoting her institutions, and speaking with students and parents about finding the “right fit” when researching schools, the application process, and how to set yourself apart from the rest of the application pool.

Julie collaborates with her students to develop their own voices during the admissions process. She will advise on how to build an impactful resume of academics and personal accomplishments that will paint a clear picture of your talents and ambitions. In addition, Julie understands everyone has a distinctive “checklist” of the types of colleges they would like to attend. She enjoys helping the student throughout the exploration process of developing the perfect mix of universities that will provide options and a good fit.

BA, Northwestern University

Stephanie was born and raised in the city of Chicago. As a first generation college student, Stephanie was excited to attend Northwestern University where she graduated as a Sociology major and Business Institutions minor. During her senior year at Northwestern, Stephanie worked as a Senior Admissions Counselor, and became very passionate about helping students with the application process. She then became part of the full time staff upon graduation as an Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator of the Alumni Admission Council. In this position, she oversaw the recruitment of students from the South East (Texas through Puerto Rico), and oversaw the process of 6,000 prospective student interviews annually. Stephanie is excited to now help you find your perfect fit college, and launch you into the next exciting chapter of your life!

BA, Duke University
MA, Loyola Marymount University
EdD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania

Taylor is passionate about helping students achieve their goals. As an undergraduate at Duke University, she took advantage of an array of academic and extracurricular opportunities by publishing a paper in a research journal, working as a writing tutor, joining a sorority and studying abroad in 2 different countries. After graduating from Duke magna cum laude, she taught for several years- in the Bay Area through Teach for America, in Rwanda through the Fulbright Program, and most recently in India. Eager to give back to the school that had given her so much, Taylor also returned to her alma mater to work in the Duke Undergraduate Admissions Office. There, she was involved in every aspect of the decision-making process, from reading applications to advocating for applicants in committees with the Dean.

While her time as an Admissions Officer showed her what colleges look for in applicants, Taylor’s time as a teacher has prepared her to help students realize what they are looking for in colleges. To this end, she is especially excited to help you reflect on your accomplishments, values and goals, to craft a meaningful personal narrative that is true to who you are and what you care about.

BA, College of William & Mary
MA, Georgetown University

Christina is passionate about strategic communications and sharing compelling narratives with the world. While studying English and Speech Communication at the College of William & Mary, she held positions in the Speech Communication, Religious Studies, Residence Life, University Media Relations and Undergraduate Admission offices. In her role as a Senior Interviewer, she blogged full time for the College, interviewed prospective students, reviewed applications and provided guided tours and information sessions to the general public.

With over ten years of experience and scholarship in the field, Christina looks forward to helping you achieve success while on your journey through the college application process.

BA, Loyola Marymount University

Applying to college is a hard process, but Jomar will help you find the colleges that best suit your needs. Jomar decided to get into admissions consulting because he is extremely passionate about the process. When Jomar was applying to college, he was deeply inspired by the college counselors that worked with him and wanted to set him up for success. Channeling the mentors of his past, he works hard to inform his clients about the process, and help them achieve their goals. Jomar has experience working in the admissions office for the highly competitive USC. He also has experience working at CAA, the biggest talent agency in the world. He has even managed the sales team for a tech education start-up in Santa Monica/ Silicon Beach. This rich variety of experience allows him to approach the college application process with a fresh and focused perspective. He will advise and coach you to become the most competitive applicant that you can be!

BA, University of California, Irvine
MA, Teachers College, Columbia University

Geralyn is intent on helping students amplify just what makes them uniquely them during the application process. Each person has his or her own distinct story to share, and Geralyn will help you uncover this during your time with her. Geralyn has over nine years of experience reviewing college applications for UC Berkeley. As an Assistant Director, she served as a Lead Reader for Freshman Admissions helping to train internal and external readers comprehensive review. She was also involved in Diversity Outreach to students at high schools and community colleges across the country. In addition, Geralyn has worked in Education Policy, helping to pass a College Readiness bill in California.

Geralyn knows that both academics and personal development are of equal importance when considering an applicant’s accomplishments in a highly competitive pool. She believes the most standout applications are genuine and full of passion. You can be sure she will encourage you to share your true voice when applying to universities.

BA, Princeton University
M.Ed, University of Missouri

In her years of college consulting experience, she has coached and developed hundreds of students in their transition into higher education. Cynthia enjoys helping students capitalize on their strengths and develop strategic plans to address their weaknesses in the highly competitive college admissions process. She has conducted interviews for the Princeton Alumni Schools Committee for several years and has developed a keen understanding of what top tier universities are seeking in prospective students. Most recently, she has organized and led multiple college and Ivy League field trips in order for students to fully immerse themselves in the college experience. Cynthia is a former Gates Millennium Scholar and looks forward to working with you and building your college application profile!

BA, Amherst College
MA, Smith College

Christine has a decade of experience empowering young people through her work as a mentor, college counselor, and teacher. As a college counselor, she received extensive training from Amherst College admissions staff and has an in depth understanding of how elite colleges and universities differentiate between highly qualified candidates. She has guided students through each step of the application process and specializes in helping students to recognize strengths and areas to address to make their applications as competitive as possible.

With a Bachelor of Arts in English from Amherst College and a Master of Arts in teaching from Smith College, Christine is an expert in helping students craft memorable and polished essays written in their authentic voice. She has worked as a middle and high school English teacher and understands how best to support students throughout the writing process. Christine believes in the power of a well-crafted narrative and views the components of the college application as an opportunity for students to share their story. She looks forward to helping you develop your own unique and compelling application!

BA, Washington University in St. Louis
MSW, Columbia University

Kate has a passion for higher education in her blood. Her parents met while both working at the University of New Orleans, and she has fostered this passion into her profession. She began her admissions involvement for the Campus Interview Team at Washington University, conducting interviews for prospective applicants on campus in St. Louis. She continues to volunteer in this capacity with the WU Alumni and Parent Admissions Program. Kate also spent several years advising undergraduates at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. She currently works as a College Recruiter at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Kate is passionate about helping students identify schools that are the best fit for them, and helping craft a compelling narrative to ultimately lead to admissions success!

BS, Georgetown University
MEd, University of San Diego

Rebecca has over 25 years of experience in the education field. She brings her perspectives as a student, a teacher, a professional admissions officer, and the mother of a recent high school graduate to the admissions process. While a senior at Georgetown University, Rebecca was selected as a student representative for the School of Languages and Linguistics’ Admissions Committee, which consisted of admissions officers, professors, and administrators. She continued her work in admissions as an alumni interviewer while teaching high school and middle school French and Spanish. Rebecca then worked in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of California, San Diego. After becoming a mother, Rebecca volunteered at her children’s schools, most recently as the co-chair of the high school parent association’s scholarship committee where she redesigned the selection process. Rebecca recently experienced the admissions process through a new lens as she guided her son through the journey, and she is happy to report that the process brought them closer together and didn’t cause any permanent damage to their relationship. In her free time, Rebecca loves to read and travel.

BA, Princeton University
MBA, Harvard Business School

Shaifali is passionate about working with students to help them gain admission into their dream schools. After graduating from Princeton University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, she conducted admissions interviews for Princeton. Although she resides in NYC, she grew up in the Princeton area and often returns to visit campus! Shaifali subsequently received her MBA from Harvard Business School, where she served as VP Admissions of the Women’s Student Association. In that role, she collaborated directly with the HBS Admissions Office as a liaison between current and prospective students. Through these experiences, Shaifali has a strong understanding of what top universities are looking for in candidates.

Professionally, Shaifali started her career in finance. She eventually left the field of finance to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship, which included the launch of an online media company and working in the education management space. Realizing that her calling was in admissions consulting, Shaifali decided to focus exclusively on this endeavor. She especially enjoys working with students to help them craft compelling stories for their applications that tie together their unique experiences. Shaifali looks forward to working with you on your applications!

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