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Calculate your college admissions chances

What are your chances of getting into a great college?

Many students are overwhelmed by the process of building a list of colleges to apply to. Without a solid approach or the right tools, they end up with a randomly selected list of schools that their parents like, that sent them a mailer, that their friends’ older siblings went to, etc. However, a college application list needs to be strategically selected based on your chances of getting in to each school to create a healthy mix of safety, reach, and match schools. So which schools should you target as you begin your college selection process? And how can you determine your college admissions chances for the schools you’re interested in?


Veritas Prep is proud to present the College Chanculator. Enter some key information on your GPA, test scores, course load, extracurricular activities, and other features of your college application, and this college admissions calculator will crunch the numbers to help you assess your likelihood of being admitted to your college of choice. Once it’s done, the Chanculator will give you an estimate of how competitive your application is, and how likely you are to be accepted.

How to use your college admissions calculator results

Students who are in their junior and senior years in high school can use our college admissions calculator to gauge how close they are to meeting the criteria of the colleges they are interested in. Knowing their college admissions chances at various schools can help students to build an informed and balanced college list, with safety schools that they are almost guaranteed to be accepted to, match schools that they have an average chance of being accepted to, and reach schools that they could (but likely won’t) be accepted to. Similarly, the results a student receives from the Chanculator can help them to focus in on areas that need attention, such as grade point average, course rigor, demonstrated leadership capacity, community service, test scores, and so on.

Ways to improve your college admissions chances

If students aren’t getting the results they want from the college admissions calculator, there are several ways that they can improve the feedback they receive. For one, students can dedicate themselves to increasing their high school GPA and taking more difficult classes (such as Honors, APs, and IBs) to improve their transcripts. Additionally, the results of our college acceptance calculator can prompt a student to participate in more extracurricular activities in high school, as well as to delve deeper with their extracurriculars by taking on leadership roles, organizing groups and events, engaging with the community, and so on. Most importantly, a student can take the necessary steps to improve their SAT or ACT score. For students already well into their high school career — whose transcripts, extracurricular participation, etc. are already partially decided — increasing their SAT or ACT score is typically the most effective way to dramatically improve their college admissions chances.

How Veritas Prep can help

For students looking to improve their college admissions chances, Veritas Prep offers online SAT and ACT prep courses that can greatly increase a student’s scores. We teach practical strategies to students that allow them to study efficiently and provide test-taking tips that can help a student save time while taking the test itself. With the support of our resources and expert instructors, students can work toward the results they want to see on the college acceptance calculator.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a deeper analysis of your College Chanculator results, Veritas Prep college admissions consultants can help you evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement to design a customized game plan for college admissions success. All consultants are experienced in the admissions process, so you can rest assured that they know the process from the inside. Contact Veritas Prep today for a free college consultation, and we’ll help you get on the path toward college!

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