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If you are considering applying early to your dream schools, now is the time to get started. Whether you plan to apply Early Decision or Early Action, applying early means your deadlines are sooner and you’ll have less time to tackle each critical application element.

The next chapter of your life begins with crafting perfect applications to your dream schools. Let’s get started now on making your dreams a reality.

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Early application deadline considerations

As application season quickly approaches, it’s important to differentiate between your early application options. From our experience, we’ve seen slightly higher admission rates for students who submit strong applications during early application deadlines. Let us help you break down your early application options to help you get started on the right foot.

Early Action

  • Not binding. If you are accepted, you will be able to consider other options.
  • You may apply to other schools and do not need to withdraw your applications if you are admitted.
  • Application deadlines are typically in November and December.

5 things you can begin now with your admissions consultant

When we say “comprehensive” services, we really mean it. With Veritas Prep, there are no asterisks, fine print, or strings attached. We don’t count hours and we’re with you from start to finish until your applications are perfect. Even before schools release their updated applications and essays, your consultant can work with you to significantly improve your applications, such as helping you to:

  • Find the best-fit schools for your academic and personal goals and help you prioritize schools for early application deadlines.
  • Thoroughly research your target schools beyond rankings and school websites.
  • Get started on your Common App personal statement and any other prompts that have already been released.
  • Prepare your recommenders to write stellar letters on your behalf.
  • Craft your activities list to emphasize accomplishments that will resonate with admissions committees.

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