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Your perfect college application

Three ways to achieve it


Review specific elements
of your applications.

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Start as early as 8th grade
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Hourly Admissions Consulting

Ultimate Flexibility

Ruben Alonzo
Head Consultant,
Harvard University

Work on any part of your college applications with a Veritas Prep Head ConsultantTM, who has firsthand college admissions experience from an ultra-selective school. The application elements you work on together are completely up to you. For example, you may choose to brainstorm and plan your application strategy, get detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement on any number of essays, or all of the above.

Directions: The chart to the right illustrates the average time allotment for different consulting activities, which includes the consultant’s prep work, reviews, written feedback, and conversations. Not a minute is wasted, and all work is accounted for. We offer total transparency, and you will know exactly what work has been done.


  • School selection 1-2 hours
  • Test strategy 1 hour
  • Topics for essays 1 hour
  • Essay reviews 30 mins per draft
  • Personal statement reviews 2 hours
  • Extra-curricular review 1 hour


3 hours


Ask an expert your
most pertinent questions.



7 hours


Receive feedback on
key application items.



12 hours


Targeted guidance for
applications and essays.



20 hours


Guidance across
multiple applications.


Comprehensive School Package

Complete guidance from your personal team of experts

Our Comprehensive School Package is the most popular option among Veritas Prep clients. When you sign up for the Comprehensive School Package, we only have one goal in mind: getting you into your top schools. We don’t count hours and we don’t limit our responsibilities. Our first step is to pair you with a Head Consultant who has firsthand admissions experience from a top-tier university. You’ll work one-one-one with your Head Consultant from start to finish on every school in your package.

In addition, you will receive a full review of each application by a member of our Ultimate Admissions Committee. Our Ultimate Admissions Committee members have served as Directors and Assistant Directors on an admissions team and have years of experience casting the final vote on an applicant’s admission decision. Finally, you’ll also receive institution-based scholarship information for each school in your package, ensuring that your investment in college counseling is a wise one for years to come. In the end, you’ll have the strongest team of admissions consultants ever assembled in your corner to make sure you are submitting perfect applications.

Alexandria Sharpe
Head Consultant,
Brown University

How it works


See where you stand

Complete your college profile and receive a free evaluation with an admissions expert who can answer your burning questions. We will analyze your profile and provide personalized recommendations on your next steps in the college admissions process.


Set the foundation

You will be matched with an experienced consultant who will guide you through the application process. They will work with you to find colleges that are the best fit for you and to ensure that your application is the best representation of you.


Unlock your potential

Your consultant will help you with every step in the process, from choosing the ideal extracurricular activities to completing application forms, writing impactful essays, inspiring effective recommendations, and conducting mock interviews.

With your personalized team, you will:

Research colleges that not only match your academic goals, but are also a good fit for your personality and personal preferences;
Review multiple drafts of each essay, providing an insider’s perspective and feedback on everything from content to organization, grammar and spelling;
Establish an end-to-end timeline to help you manage your time and deadlines with as little anxiety as possible;
Receive a thorough review of every element of your completed applications by a member of our Ultimate Admissions Committee;
Work to not only list your extracurricular activities, but to prioritize and use descriptive language to explain your roles and responsibilities within the word limits;
Complete and properly submit financial aid documents to qualify for the highest amount of aid possible;
Select recommenders who will highlight your achievements and strengths and give the colleges valuable information to consider in the admissions process;
Explore personalized institution-based scholarship information created specifically for you by our Financial Aid expert;
Brainstorm writing topics for the personal statement and supplemental essays;
Prepare for admissions interviews through mock interview practice;
Discover and develop your voice to effectively communicate your passions and vision through written essays;
Compare financial aid award letters and make a final decision on which college to attend.

See below for our most popular Comprehensive School Package options

1 School Package



3 School Package



5 School Package



9 School Package



Don’t see the number of schools you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Give us a call to add additional schools to any package for just $1,300 each. You can reach us at (800) 925-7737.

Ultimate Concierge Package

Leave nothing to chance

Cynthia Kanagui
Head Consultant,
Princeton University

Starting your college journey early will ensure you lay all the proper groundwork for success and will ultimately produce the best results. We highly recommend the Ultimate Concierge package for students who start preparing for college prior to their junior year of high school. We can start working with you as early as 8th grade and will provide one-on-one coaching every step of the way.

When you’re ready to tackle the applications, we’ll be with you from start to finish, no matter how many applications you decide to submit. We will be your guide from the early preparation process to your final submissions. The Ultimate Concierge™ package includes all application services in the Comprehensive Packages, plus much more.

In addition to the Comprehensive Package services,
The Ultimate Concierge Package includes:

Four years of high school planning & academic advising;
End-to-end application assistance for unlimited schools;
Comprehensive Veritas Prep SAT and ACT courses, either online or in person;
Insider advice on extracurricular and volunteer activities, as well as internships and work experiences;
Comprehensive and balanced college list created using intimate knowledge of colleges, academic programs, and extracurricular offerings across the nation informed by thorough research;
Well-written essays that clearly convey your strengths and passions while effectively addressing any weaknesses;
Assistance with securing maximum financial aid awards and scholarships.
Complete and properly submit financial aid documents to qualify for the highest amount of aid possible;



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