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7th & 8th Grade

7th & 8th Grade

We know ambitious students begin to develop their personal drive long before they set foot on a high school campus. We relish the opportunity to work with the students with big dreams, because we have the skills and expertise to take those dreams to the next level.

Beginning the college readiness process early enables you to make the most of your high school years, and ultimately develop a compelling narrative for the applications to your dream colleges. Below we’ve outlined the most necessary topics to address in middle school as you look to build your candidacy. Simply select the focus areas that are most necessary to you to get started!

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Education: Education: BS, Georgetown University Med, University of San Diego
5 years of admissions experience at Georgetown and in the University of California system.

Building Your Candidacy
How Veritas Prep Will Help
Preparing for Academic Success
We will provide comprehensive guidance on which high school courses and competitive outside academic programs you should consider.
Applying To Elite Academic Programs
We will coach you on selecting the right high school and completing applications to selective high school programs.
Developing Community Involvement
We will create community involvement goals with specific suggestions for the most impactful engagement opportunities.
Building Time-Management Skills
We will teach you the best practices in time management that can be utilized for balancing your growing list of commitments.
Taking An Inventory Of Interests
We will discuss your areas of interest and identify the right clubs, activities, sports, jobs and summer experiences to develop those interests.
Exploring College Fit Factors
We will lead you through initial college research and start creating a personalized college list to explore and refine throughout high school.
SELECT ALL for expert coaching from a Veritas Prep Head Consultant for all topics.

How it works


Work with someone
that gets you

Based on a comprehensive and detailed questionnaire and profile analysis, we pair you with a Head Consultant who has extensive experience working with similar candidates. He or she will be your personal guide throughout Middle School.


Prepare for success

You will work one-on-one with your Head Consultant on the topics we have identified together as your top priorities. Between sessions your Head Consultant will be available to answer any questions you may have.


Unlock your potential

Your Head Consultant will coach you through the college readiness process to set you up for success on your college applications. From developing an academic strategy to building your college list, you’ll be in expert hands as you prepare for high school and look ahead towards college.

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