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Our team of Admissions Consultants have all previously worked with admissions committees at top-tier universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton and have personally made admissions decisions on the most competitive applicants around the world. We live and breathe the nuances of this process, and we live for the overwhelming joy our clients have when they realize they’ve been admitted to their dream schools. We don’t just love the college admissions process, we live for it. Meet the team >
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Client Satisfaction: 4.95 (out of 5)
Overall average for most recent application season. Last updated November 22, 2019.

  • "You met and exceeded my very high expectations. Relevant and spot-on advice on how to improve with the perfect combination of pointing out weaknesses and encouragement of strengths."

    Accepted to: Top 5 University
  • "This was an incredibly helpful and eye-opening experience. Above and beyond anything I expected!"

    Accepted to: Top 5 University
  • "My consultant was the best! She had edits back for everything as soon as possible and she was extremely easy to work with."

    Accepted to: USC
  • "I got in! I can’t thank you enough for the hard work you put into my essays and for preparing me for interviews. Thank you for everything."

    Accepted to: University of Pennsylvania
  • "I got into Harvard a few hours ago! Thank you so much for all your help with my application. I’m glad to be finished with the application process and I can’t wait for next year!"

    Accepted to: Harvard

Parents’ and students’ lives mades easier

Proprietary technology created for your benefit

We have created an interactive platform for every stakeholder in the process – students, parents and consultants. Here we take inventory of your strengths, highlight your accomplishments, note setbacks and how to overcome them, and ultimately craft compelling stories for every school on your list.

This personalized, online account will take your application experience to the next level as it tracks deadlines, application to-dos, and every single essay draft. It is only available with Veritas Prep and we promise it will alleviate much of the stress applicants (and parents!) normally face.


The college application process is both challenging and competitive. Top colleges admit a small percentage of the total applicants that apply. Whether you hope to attend an elite school or pursue a particular degree program at a local university, it’s advantageous to put together a convincing college application package that sets you apart from the field. Unfortunately, knowing exactly what to do to put your best foot forward for a particular program isn't always clear, and the amount of information online can be overwhelming or even lead you down the wrong path. Luckily, assistance with the college application process is readily available. If you’d like some help putting together your applications, Veritas Prep is ready to provide you with quality guidance and support. We offer college admissions consulting that can take your package to the next level.

Work With the College Admissions Experts: Veritas Prep has assembled a team of college admissions consultants that can help you make your application stand out. The consultants we provide have experience working on admissions committees at some of the top colleges in the world. Some of these consultants were part of admissions decisions at schools like Princeton, Yale, and Harvard. What’s better than having your application polished by someone who knows what top schools are looking for in your application?
To help our students get started, we offer a free consultation with college admissions experts that can help you understand what your application needs. Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your application, a member of the Ultimate Admissions Committee will review it. This committee includes former directors and assistant directors of admissions from the world’s top colleges. In all, you’ll receive the guidance you need to enhance your chances of standing out amongst your peers.

Making Your Life Easier: Students who sign up for college admissions counseling with Veritas Prep will also get to use our in-depth proprietary admissions software. This interactive software keeps parents, students, and consultants all on the same page. You can use the software to get help highlighting your strengths, identifying how you’ll overcome any setbacks, and for crafting compelling stories for every school on your list.
In addition to application creation help, our software will also help you keep track of the time-sensitive college application process. You can stay abreast of deadlines, track your application to-do list, and see a history of every essay draft you’ve developed. In all, you’ll find that this takes much of the inherent stress out of the application process. With a clear mind, you can focus on the things you need to do and let us worry about the rest.

Getting Started: Want to give our college admissions consulting a try? Get in touch with Veritas Prep today. Academic advisors are available online and on the phone to provide you with the advice you need to begin. Additionally, take advantage of our free consultation to get advice on putting together a solid college application. We look forward to helping you make your application shine.

Ultimate Admissions Committee

Once you have completed the entire application together with your Head Consultant, it will be given a final, thorough review by a member of our Ultimate Admissions Committee. The committee is comprised exclusively of former Directors and Assistant Directors of Admissions – the very people who made the final decision on hundreds applicants just like you at the most selective schools in the world. No other admissions consulting firm can offer you these layers of confidence before submitting applications to your dream schools.

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