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No other service provider in Chattanooga meets the quality and flexibility that Veritas Prep offers. We’re so confident, we offer a tutor satisfaction guarantee where if the tutor you have isn’t working, we’ll credit you that session and find you a new tutor right away.

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Getting ready to take the next step in your academic journey is an exciting time. It can be a bit stressful too. Putting together a great application package can sometimes be the difference between getting into the school of your choice or not. One part of an all-around great application is a solid standardized test score. For example, high school students in Chattanooga may take the ACT as they prepare to apply to area schools like Covenant College or the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Veritas Prep can help you prepare for your upcoming exam. Continue reading to learn more about why Chattanooga tutoring could be right for you. Below, you’ll see the academic achievement level of Chattanooga residents over 25 as compared to the average for the rest of Tennessee:
Students across the country have become very familiar with standardized tests due to their increasing influence in the United States’ educational system. Veritas Prep has Chattanooga tutoring and test prep options that cover many of the tests you may need to take. We can help you with the ACT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. We also have offerings that cover SAT Subject Tests, the ISEE, AP exams, and more. Contact an academic advisor if you’d like to hear more about all of the exams we can help you get ready to take. The following list shows the median earnings of Chattanooga residents over 25 as sorted by their highest level of academic achievement:
Level Chattanooga Median Earnings Tennessee Median Earnings
Graduate Degree $55,800.00 $56,700.00
Bachelor’s Degree $42,600.00 $45,100.00
Some College $30,600.00 $31,800.00
High School Diploma $22,700.00 $26,400.00
No High School Diploma $18,300.00 $19,900.00
Veritas Prep’s Chattanooga test preparation is a smart way to develop your ideal study plan. You can pick from classes, courses, and tutoring to find the right guidance for your specific needs. For instance, students who have a busy schedule may enjoy taking a test preparation course since they feature on-demand interactive video lessons. Other students who enjoy classroom learning may prefer to sign up for a test prep class. These take place in a virtual classroom online and are taught by educators who have earned a high score on the exam for which you’re studying. Still, other students may prefer to get individualized feedback from their educator throughout the test preparation process. For these students, private Chattanooga tutoring may be the right choice. A tutor can get to know you before creating a unique lesson plan that helps you grow where you need it most. Whichever test prep option you end up choosing will also come with access to additional online learning resources. Below, you’ll see some of the most commonly pursued bachelor’s degrees in the city of Chattanooga:
Year Degree Graduates
2015 General Business Administration & Management 315
2015 Kinesiology & Exercise Science 177
2015 General Psychology 132
2015 General Biological Sciences 131
2015 Early Childhood Education & Teaching 124
This list, on the other hand, covers the areas most commonly chosen graduate programs:
Year Degree Graduates
2015 General Business Administration & Management 98
2015 Counseling Psychology 85
2015 Registered Nursing 40
2015 Secondary Education & Teaching 35
2015 Engineering & Industrial Management 25
Getting ready for an important standardized exam may be difficult to do alone. Veritas Prep can use our years of experience to help you get more out of your study plan. If you’re interested in signing up to work with Chattanooga tutors, then get in touch with an academic advisor online or on the phone to learn more. We hope to start working with you soon and would love to help you pursue your test goals more confidently with Chattanooga tutoring and test preparation resources.

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