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Veritas Prep is known worldwide for exceptional test preparation services, both at the high school and college level. But did you know we also offer elite 1 on 1 tutoring services that can serve the Charlotte, NC area? Our tutor screening process is so rigorous that less than 10% of applicants pass through both the background screening and subject matter expertise exams. This means that you can be 100% confident that you’ll receive a tutor that is truly exceptional.

On top of this demanding screening process, we offer our customers a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the peace of mind that we’ll not only meet but far exceed your expectations on what a tutoring experience can be. We are helping students in Charlotte take their learning to the next level

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Students in the Charlotte metropolitan area may pursue higher education at fine institutions like Davidson College, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, or Queens University of Charlotte. Of course, there is no guarantee of acceptance to the area’s top programs. If you want your application to stand out among the thousands colleges might receive, a good score on the appropriate admissions exam can help. The expert academic advisors at Veritas Prep can find you the Charlotte tutoring and test prep tools you need to optimize your study time! The following chart illustrates the educational attainment level of Charlotte residents over the age of 25 to the North Carolina state average:
High school students in Charlotte usually take the ACT to meet the standardized testing requirement on their college applications, but some may choose to take the SAT instead. Similarly, prospective graduate students often need to take the GRE or GMAT to try to get into a program at their level. Veritas Prep offers Charlotte tutoring for all of these exams. We can also help students prepare for the PSAT, SSAT, HSPT, AP exams, SAT Subject Tests, and the ISEE. The following list compares the median earnings of Charlotte residents at least 25 years of age based on their level of educational achievement:
Level Charlotte Earnings North Carolina Median Earnings
Graduate Degree $68,000.00 $59,700.00
Bachelor’s Degree $51,200.00 $45,900.00
Some College $31,200.00 $31,200.00
High School Diploma $25,400.00 $26,500.00
No High School Diploma $19,500.00 $19,200.00
Naturally, individuals who invest in their education can expect to earn a lot more money throughout their careers than those who elect not to pursue a college education. If you feel that a standardized testing requirement is holding you back from your academic goals, don’t get discouraged. Instead, reach out to our academic advisors to discuss how we can take the hassle out of test prep with Charlotte tutors. Charlotte tutoring services to allow students to study in an environment free of outside distractions. A private tutor can design study plans with your needs in mind to improve study efficiency. There’s nothing quite like being able to study one on one with an expert who knows the exam you’re about to take. Also, when you work with Charlotte tutors, we let you pick a package that includes some of our other test prep resources. For instance, our live test prep classes feature instructors who performed well on the exam you are preparing to tackle. They can offer tremendous insight on what material an exam covers as well as effective test-taking strategies you can fall back on if you get stuck. If you prefer to study alone, you may like our Charlotte test prep courses. Lessons are accessible on demand, allowing you to study wherever and whenever works for you. You can also get live homework help to address any questions that come up during your prep. Here are some of the most common bachelor’s degrees people in Charlotte pursue:
Year Degree Graduates
2015 General Business Administration & Management 457
2015 General Psychology 337
2015 Registered Nursing 335
2015 Criminal Justice - Safety Studies 293
2015 Speech Communication & Rhetoric 292
Similarly, the following list highlights some of the graduate degrees most frequently earned by Charlotte residents:
Year Degree Total Grads
2015 General Business Administration & Management 275
2015 Computer Science 138
2015 Teacher Education & Professional Development 93
2015 Other Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research, & Clinical Nursing 76
2015 Electrical & Electronics Engineering 67
Students at all levels of the educational ladder take standardized exams to demonstrate that they are ready for the next step. If you have been looking into Charlotte tutoring or other test preparation tools, contact the academic advisors at Veritas Prep either by phone or online to learn more about how we can help you!

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