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Deciding between Round 1 and Round 2?

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Around this time of year, we see many MBA applicants trying to decide whether to submit applications in Round 1 or Round 2. Ninety percent of spots in an MBA class are taken during these two rounds, but is one option better? While admission rates are generally about the same across both rounds, your individual circumstances will dictate your choice. If you start working with your Veritas Prep team now, we will help you decide the ideal time to apply and will support you through the entire process.

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Myths surrounding Round 1 and Round 2

You might see on blogs and forums those who say that it’s better to wait to apply in Round 2 to avoid submitting a business school application with a sea of submissions from the most organized, Type A individuals, whose materials have been polished and ready to go since the day the application systems went live. On the other side of the debate—naturally—are those that think they must apply during the first round at any cost. These people believe that if the admissions committees have the chance to review others’ applications before theirs, they are at a disadvantage.

In fact, neither of these philosophies gets at the heart of what applicants should base their decisions on. In reality, only about a third of business school hopefuls apply in the first round, with the majority of applicants actually applying in Round 2. So, you will be competing for seats against far more applicants by waiting until Round 2. For those committed to applying in the first round, we’re here to help you to do it; however, don’t submit in Round 1 at the cost of a better application later.

Who should plan to apply in Round 1?

Those who wish to receive their decisions before the end of the year

It’s true that applying early means that you receive your decision earlier, so you if you would prefer to have more time to plan travel, housing, and any important pre-MBA coursework, Round 1 has a distinct advantage. Round 2 decisions often are not released until April, or even later for waitlisted candidates. In addition, if you are denied from your top-choice schools in Round 1, you will still have a couple of weeks to submit applications to additional schools in Round 2.

Candidates from traditional MBA feeder industries and overrepresented demographics

Applicants from overrepresented industries such as finance, management consulting, and IT have a distinct advantage if they apply in Round 1. Additionally, those who are reapplicants should plan to submit in Round 1. By Round 2, there may be many applicants who have already been admitted with remarkably similar profiles or improved applications. If you can apply in the first round, by all means, do so! However, if you’re missing any important elements, it makes sense to wait to apply later when you can present your best self.

Who should wait to apply?

Applicants who have room to improve in their applications

Perhaps this goes without saying, given what we’ve discussed for Round 1. If you have anything outstanding that you feel will decrease the overall quality of your application and give an admissions committee pause, try to address it before applying. There’s no advantage to applying early only to be denied because of poorly researched career goals, sloppy errors, or silly mistakes!

Applicants who need to improve their GMAT scores

Business school applicants often begin their MBA applications aiming for Round 1, yet don’t quite hit their target GMAT scores. However, your GMAT score matters much more than the round in which you submit. If your GMAT score is 35 points or more below the school’s average, you will likely be in the bottom 10% of admits. You’ll have a far greater advantage if you raise your GMAT score than if you submit in Round 1, so wait and raise the score—even if you’re a candidate from traditional industries. If you’d like to work on your applications and raise your GMAT score, take advantage of Veritas Prep’s GMAT Prep + Admissions Consulting bundles.

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