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Boston GMAT Prep Courses

You could argue that Boston is the pinnacle of America. So when we first started offering GMAT prep in Boston back in 2002, we knew we had a lot to live up to. Which is why we offer 36 hours of in-class instruction, 12-full length practice tests, unlimited homework support outside of class and a free retake of the entire course. You can see that Veritas Prep offers the best GMAT class in Boston. Scroll down to find the best GMAT course for you.

Why you’ll love Veritas Prep:


I thought prepping for the test on my own would be sufficient. It was only after enrolling in the class that I realized the magnitude of the GMAT. My Veritas instructor provided me with an understanding of the test that I could not have experienced on my own.
-Adam H.


The material is exceptionally well presented. I love the order of higher thinking they introduce and the concept of thinking like the test makers! There is no other GMAT program that compares to Veritas.
-Craig T.


The online resources from Veritas Prep were incredible. I felt the number of books, practice questions, practice tests, etc. were amazing in terms of preparing me for the actual exam.
-Anna D.


I just can't see how another test prep course could be more complete. Also the ability to retake the course within a year is an incredible bonus.
-Anna D.

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Veritas Prep can help you find the best Boston GMAT prep course for your personal learning style. Boston is home to two of the most prestigious business schools in the world: Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management. If your goal is to gain entry to either of these institutions, you will need to take your admissions test preparations to the next level. A strong performance on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) could make a difference for you. 

The GMAT has been refined over the past 60 years with the help of the nation's leading business schools to ensure the test accurately measures the most relevant skills for today's modern business environment. The exam includes four sections that evaluate your competency with these skills, and your score will help admissions officers determine your readiness for their graduate program. By choosing to prioritize your study efforts with the help of a professional Boston GMAT prep course, you are demonstrating your commitment to achieving your educational and professional goals.

At Veritas Prep, we recognize the individuality of each of our students which is why we have three different levels of professional academic support from which you can choose. Whether you need intensive hands-on help or you are more successful when you work independently with minimal instructional support, our professional resources can help you make the most of your test preparation efforts so you feel confident in your abilities as you approach the GMAT.

What does the GMAT cover?

The GMAT is comprised of four distinct sections: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. You will have just over three hours of dedicated time to complete all four sections. However, it is vital to note that the time allotted is not evenly distributed. Considering the time constraints and complexity of the test, finding the right comprehensive Boston GMAT course should be a priority for any individual hoping to earn a prestigious spot in an elite graduate school.

In the Quantitative Reasoning section of the test, you will encounter two types of questions: data sufficiency and problem-solving. You will have 62 minutes to answer 31 multiple-choice questions, which makes time management a crucial part of your testing strategy. Data sufficiency items gauge your aptitude for identifying relevant information, analyzing a problem, and determining whether or not you have sufficient information to solve the problem. Problem-solving questions focus on your logic skills and analytical reasoning. A Boston GMAT course could help you improve your problem-solving technique.

In the Verbal Reasoning portion of the test, you will need to answer 35 multiple choice questions in only 65 minutes. The types of questions you will encounter include critical thinking, reading comprehension, and sentence correction. Reading comprehension and critical reasoning both include a short reading passage. Depending on the type of question you will use the reading passage to evaluate and make arguments, draw inferences, form or evaluate plans of action, identify logical relationships, and more. Sentence correction questions focus more on grammatical structure, the concise expression of ideas, and your general command of the English language. A professional GMAT prep course can allow you to practice and improve these specific skills.

As part of the Integrated Reasoning section, you will be asked to solve complex problems by evaluating data provided from a variety of sources. You will have 30 minutes to answer 12 multi-step problems. The questions will fall into one of four classifications: multi-source reasoning, table analysis, two-part analysis, and graphics interpretation. Multi-source reasoning questions require the use of data from text, graphics, tables, and other types of sources to determine the appropriate answer. Table analysis questions have data presented in a table that you must sort and analyze to identify the pertinent information or to determine if the data given is appropriate. Two-part analysis questions may ask you to solve multiple equations, evaluate trade-offs, or identifying complex relationships.

If you are to be successful in the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT, you will need to perfect several different types of skills which are critical in the world of business. This portion of the exam is intended to demonstrate your aptitude for identifying, analyzing, and leveraging pertinent data in your decision-making process. A Miami GMAT prep course can help you refine these skills.

You will be given 30 minutes to analyze and evaluate an argument as part of the Analytical Writing Assessment portion of the test. This illustrates both your written communication skills and critical thinking capability. You will not need to develop any subject area expertise before taking this section of the test as all necessary information is provided in the reading passage. However, a Miami GMAT prep course can help you refine your analytical and writing skills, which are crucial for successfully navigating the exam.

What are the benefits of different types of GMAT prep?

Veritas Prep offers several levels of academic support with our GMAT review programs, including courses, live classes, and personalized tutoring packages. To help you choose which level of support is best for your academic needs, let's explore each one further.

A Boston GMAT course is perfect for those individuals who thrive in self-directed learning environments but who still want the option of expert assistance if the need should arise. When you enroll in a Boston GMAT course, you can begin by taking a diagnostic test to determine where you should focus your study efforts. You can then immediately access the right learning module from our extensive digital library of topical lessons. As you progress through your studies, you can come back to the diagnostic assessment to evaluate your success and determine where to focus next. If you find yourself struggling and having difficulty moving forward, you regularly have the option of asking a professional instructor your questions. Just because you choose a self-paced learning environment doesn't mean you should lack support if you need it. If you're highly self-motivated a Boston GMAT course may be the best fit for you.

Live classes are ideal for those individuals who crave a more traditional classroom experience. In addition to all of the resources available with our course offering, your Boston GMAT class will deliver 36 hours of instructional material over a period of 6 weeks. You will work with an instructor who scored in the top 99th percentile of GMAT testers and have the opportunity to collaborate and discuss topics with your classmates. The live class experience is excellent for getting the real-time feedback you crave and for cultivating an academic support network. If you find live instruction to be a critical part of your learning experience, thrive in a classroom setting that fosters collaborative discussion, and want more access to personal instructor feedback, our Boston GMAT class may be an exceptional fit for you.

What if you know you need more intensive instructional support than could be provided by either a self-guided learning environment or traditional classroom instruction? We've got you covered. All of our tutoring packages include the resources from our course or live class opportunities but with the addition of personalized instruction that lets you have the undivided attention of a skilled tutor. If you know you perform better with someone acting as more of a mentor, this is the GMAT preparation solution for you.

Why should I choose Veritas Prep for my GMAT review?

Veritas Prep offers a variety of academic support options to suit every learner. You have the power to choose the format that works best for your learning style and schedule. When you select a Boston GMAT course or live class, you will gain access to the expertise of an instructor who scored in the top 99th percentile of all GMAT testers. This type of real-life experience can be an invaluable resource, especially for such a high stakes standardized exam like the GMAT. Whether you need to focus on your analytical writing or need a refresher on verbal skills, Veritas Prep can help.

Not only will you have access to a world-class instructor and professionally created study resources as part of your Boston GMAT prep course, but you will also have the opportunity to practice taking assessments utilizing computer-based adaptive technology. This format is the same type of technology used in the GMAT exam. It evaluates your current answer to determine the next question you will be given. This type of testing preparation allows you to get as close as possible to a real-world exam experience so that you won't be surprised on test day.

We recognize the hard work you've put in to get to this point in your academic journey. It only makes sense that you would be interested in giving yourself the academic support you deserve to help you work towards your next educational or career goal. Veritas Prep can help you prepare for your future in the world of business through self-guided review courses, live classes, or personalized tutoring packages. Let Veritas Prep support you on your road to success with a Boston GMAT prep course. Contact Veritas Prep today to get started.

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