Use Social Media to Improve Your MBA Applications


Many of you spend countless hours on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media. Did you know you could use those sites to help you improve your application to business school? Here’s how.



Are you struggling with identifying what your passions are? What motivates you? What makes you tick? Your Instagram might be able to help. Look through your pictures. Do you notice any themes? Perhaps you’re the great organizer for your group of friends. Are there one or two pictures that spark an idea for a really good essay topic? To be successful in your application to business school, it’s important to convey to the admissions committee not only what you’ve done (your accomplishments), but also who you are. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let your pictures remind you of what inspires you.


A strong application to business school will have career goals that are researched, realistic and real. Admissions officers expect that you will have researched your career goals prior to applying. In addition to conducting online research about potential post-MBA career paths, we strongly encourage applicants to conduct “human research.” Use LinkedIn and other networks to find people who currently have your target position and ask them about it. Find out what it would take to transition into such a field. Ideally, speak with hiring managers in the field as well, and learn whether an MBA would be the ideal way to achieve this transition. Then in your essay, you can use lines such as, “In speaking with top performers and hiring managers in this industry, they have recommended…, so I have done… to prepare for the upcoming transition.” You can very clearly and concretely demonstrate that your goals are well researched.


It’s said that Facebook is a person’s highlight reel. You can use that to your advantage in crafting your narrative for your business school applications. Looking through Facebook may remind you of times you’ve had an impact on others. Or you might discover you’ve liked a lot of posts about saving the planet and there’s a story there you could share in your essays. Or maybe you’ll notice that you work too much and you should do more outside of work so you’ll have more interesting things to post on Facebook and talk about in your essays!

So look back through your social media accounts, even the old ones you may have not used in a while. It may just provide a spark of inspiration to get you moving in the right direction.

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Lesser-Known Facts That May Contribute to College Acceptance

GMATMost college-bound high school students know the basics when it comes to college acceptance criteria. They understand that college admissions officials look at a student’s grades, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities. But there are some lesser-known factors that can affect a student’s college acceptance chances. Consider just a few examples:

Studying Overseas
College admissions officials take notice of high school students who have studied overseas. A student who has spent time overseas has experience with other cultures. Plus, it’s very likely that the student is fluent in one or more foreign languages. This type of experience and knowledge appeals to colleges looking to fill their freshman class with students who have a unique perspective on the world. In addition, a student who has studied overseas may be able to get credit that counts toward fulfilling a college’s foreign language requirement.

Knowledge of a School
A student’s knowledge of a school can affect their college acceptance chances. College officials appreciate when a student takes the time and effort to learn about the history of their school. In order to get this type of knowledge, a student can ask questions during a campus tour as well as read about the traditions of the school. In short, a student who knows more than what is displayed on a school’s website is going to get the attention of college officials during an interview.

A Record of Taking on Challenging High School Courses
College officials look at whether applicants challenge themselves in high school. In some cases, a student who takes increasingly difficult courses each year is more likely to get a college acceptance letter than a student who excels in classes that are relatively easy. Students who take challenging courses are showing an enthusiasm for learning and a willingness to expand their skills. Colleges want students who are excited about growing academically.

A Strong Admissions Essay
High school students know that writing an admissions essay is a step on the road toward a university acceptance letter. But some students neglect to give this essay the attention it deserves. The admissions essay gives college officials the opportunity to get to know a student in a personal way. For instance, sometimes, students are called upon to write about the biggest influence in their lives. A student’s description of this person can reveal a lot about their level of maturity and goals for the future. A sincere, well-written essay can play an important role in a student’s college acceptance.

A History of Community Service
Students are aware that college admissions officials take a close look at an applicant’s extracurricular activities. Officials like to see students who participate in activities that give them the opportunity to practice their leadership skills. They also appreciate students who serve their community. This may mean volunteering at a local homeless shelter or helping to collect food and clothing items for a local organization that provides hurricane relief. The length of participation in community service is something that college admissions officials look at as well.

Positive Items on Social Media
Today, many high school students have a lot of experience with social media. Chances are good that they have more than one account where they post photographs and communicate with friends. It’s not out of the question for admissions officials at a college to go online to look at an applicant’s communications via social media. Students who have questionable items on their social media pages may leave college admissions officials with the wrong impression. When it comes to college acceptance, information on the Internet can work either for or against an applicant. Students who are applying to college should make sure that all of the items they put on social media are appropriate.

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