MIT Sloan 2008-2009 Application Now Live

MIT Sloan applicants, get ready! The school’s online application is now live for the 2008-2009 admissions season. Last month we posted our analysis of MIT Sloan’s 20082-2009 admissions essays.

In other news, Sloan announced that it will roll out a new course in ethics, moving away from the case study approach in this area. While the topic of ethics isn’t as hot on business school campuses as it was a couple of years ago, it’s clear that top programs have no forgotten about the importance of ethics in a graduate business education.

Hopefully this will always be the case as other management education philosophies and fads come and go.

For advice on how to tackle your Sloan application, visit the Veritas Prep MIT Sloan information page. And for more information on deadlines, visit our business school admissions deadlines page.