Only Three Days Left to Register for MBA Admissions Blueprint!

Just a quick heads up to everyone to let you know that there are only three days left to register for MBA Admissions Blueprint and meet one-on-one with a Veritas Prep admissions expert this weekend in New York!

Chad Troutwine, one of Veritas Prep’s co-founders, will be at NYU to meet with you and discuss the two questions that we most often hear these days: how the current economic client has affected the MBA admissions process this year, and what you can do to get into a top business school in what is shaping up to be the most competitive year yet.

On Saturday Chad will discuss Veritas Prep’s MBA admissions philosophy and what you can do now to significantly improve your chances of success, no matter where you are in the application process. He will review in detail our proven MBA Game Plan methodology and how you can use it to your advantage even if you feel you are facing an uphill battle.

Then, on Sunday you will meet one-on-one for an hour with one of Veritas Prep’s best admissions experts. You can use this time however you like: to get a candid assessment of your candidacy, to formulate an overall application strategy, or to get some professional help in polishing your essays. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to use this hour — you will be in good hands with your admissions expert, who will coach you from start to finish.

Registration costs only $250 — that’s what it normally costs to work with a Veritas Prep admissions consultant for one hour — and includes the session with Chad Troutwine as well as your one-on-one meeting with an admissions expert.

Hurry… Registration ends Friday!

Last Chance for Round 2 GMAT Course

As you have read on this blog and elsewhere, including the Wall Street Journal, the pool of MBA applicants for the second round deadlines is growing rapidly. With the majority of deadlines set for early January, you may be among the candidates who find themselves without a GMAT score (or at least a competitive GMAT score) in the last month before applications are due.

Because of the late-breaking nature of this year’s applicant pool, fueled by the increasingly-tenuous economy and, more optimistically, the potential to contribute to a new economic model in the forthcoming recovery years, Veritas Prep has announced a “Last Chance for Round 2” weekend GMAT course set to take place in New York City from December 13-14 and 20-21. More information is available at

While you’re welcome to enroll in this course on its own, you can also register for it along with MBA Admissions Blueprint, our two-day admissions event in New York City on December 6 and 7. For just $250 (the normal cost to work with a Veritas prep admissions consultant for one hour), you can attend a session on Saturday to learn what the recent economic news means for you and how to maximize your chances of success using our proven admissions strategy. Then, on Sunday, you’ll meet one-on-one with a Veritas Prep admissions consultant for an hour. And, if you register for MBA Admissions Blueprint, you can apply the cost of the event to your Weekend GMAT Course.

Stay tuned to this blog for additional information regarding this competitive admissions season throughout the just-over-a-month between now and the second round deadlines. Best of luck with your applications!

Parents, Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be … Parents

In two months, my wife will be giving birth to our first child. Becoming a parent has always been a scary proposition, but never more so than now. You see, in the world of admissions, I’ve now become the enemy.

At least, it seems that way if you take your cue from this recent feature from The New Yorker Magazine about the Internet scandals that have rocked the august New York (Riverdale) prep school Horace Mann. I’ve been to Horace Mann and have marveled at the cutting edge facilities wrapped up in an old world campus. I’ve noted the success rates of their students in applying to top universities. Granted, I was only there one day, but it seemed like a pretty great place to learn and prepare for life.

After reading the feature about Facebook scandals and parental bullying of the school’s educators, I’m not so sure. It seems like teaching (and therefore learning) in the face of a tyrannical parent board is next to impossible. And I’m quite sure this sort of thing is happening at other elite prep schools. I received a first-hand look at parental pressure during my time in undergraduate admission and imagine that that the dial has only been cranked in one direction in the interim. How can students be expected to learn when their lives are scripted, when they bear no responsibility, and when there are no consequences for their actions? We laugh at shows like Gossip Girl for being so ridiculous, but reality might be even more ridiculous.

The worst part is that the cycle will only continue as today’s teenagers reap the rewards from their parents’ insidious behavior and then – having sufficiently learned by example – set off on a path to repeat it.

Fortunately, this sort of boorish pay-your-way-out-of-anything approach to parenting and education does not extend to every pocket of affluence in our country. I’ve enjoyed observing those parents who have fourth grade students in my wife’s class at a private school in Pacific Palisades. In nearly unanimous fashion, this group supports the school and its educators, has expectations for their children’s behavior, and maintains proper perspective. Even more promising, I’ve seen many of these parents adopt the same approach with older children – kids who are gearing up for the competitive process of private high school admissions and then, of course, for college. It’s a great relief to find that there are still some families – some parents – who recognize value in true education.

Hopefully I can identify a few more of those to look up to – and fast. After all, I’ve only got two months left.