Getting Into Wharton: Veritas Prep on MBA PodTV

MBA Podcaster’s MBA PodTV team has just launched a new video titled “Getting Into The Wharton School,” featuring our own Director of MBA Admissions, Scott Shrum. In addition to some great advice from Scott, the episode also features admissions insights from Wharton admissions officers, current students, and recent alumni:

(You can watch the video in a larger size on YouTube.)

A few key points that Scott makes:

  • Although Wharton is best known as a finance school, its marketing department is incredibly strong. In fact, Wharton has the largest marketing faculty of any business school.
  • Although Wharton doesn’t emphasize it as much as some other top schools do, Wharton really wants to see that you’re someone who’s ready and willing to get involved on campus. In fact, no school relies on its students in the admissions process more than Wharton does.
  • Hirability is key, especially in this market. What drives this? Your maturity and having a realistic grasp of your post-MBA goals (vs. your abilities) are two key ingredients here.
  • What one thing in your application should you focus on the most? It’s career progression — Wharton wants to see a track record if success. Naturally, this isn’t something you can “polish up” or quickly improve like an essay or a GMAT score.
  • One interesting new Wharton essay question is, “Tell us about something significant that you have don to improve yourself.” While brushing up on a hard skill is a reasonable answer, a richer response tell a story about how you overcame weaknesses or fears to make yourself a better person. For example, maybe you overcame a fear of public speaking to lead a company meeting, even thought you couldn’t sleep the night before the big event. That’s always going to be a more interesting response to an admissions officer.

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Veritas Prep to Participate in Microsoft MBA Admissions Panel

This Thursday, Scott Shrum, Veritas Prep’s Director of MBA Admissions Research, will appear in a panel discussion at Microsoft, as part of the Africans at Microsoft Club’s second annual Business School Panel: “Standing Out Among the Outstanding: Recession, Competition, and Business School Admissions.”

In addition to Scott, the panel will include:

  • Cassandra Pittman Assistant Director of Marketing at INSEAD and responsible for MBA recruitment in North and South America
  • Barbara Thomas, President and CEO National Black MBA Association, the world’s leading organization for black professionals

There will also be “experts in the audience” contributing to the dialogue: Bryan Tomlinson and Edward Gali, both representing the University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business.

Our friends at MBA Podcaster will attend the event, and will and bring your questions to the panelists. If you have any questions that you would like to hear answered, send them to

For everyone in Redmond, we hope to see you at the event!