Want to Become a Renaissance MBA? Consider Studying Abroad

Business School Admissions
Recently Forbes ran an article titled “Trying to Create a Well-Rounded MBA,” which discusses some of the steps business schools have recently taken to ensure that their graduates enter the world with more than just finance and operations skills. “Connecting it all together” is increasingly important, and while some U.S. schools have made important strides in this area, author Matt Symonds argues that some of the most effective programs are actually overseas.

One example is ESADE in Barcelona, which deliberately brings together corporate managers, union leaders, and politicians to study business. The result is that all sides are exposed to a broader range of viewpoints than they’d hear in a more typical MBA program. ESADE has also partnered with design schools to teach its students how to apply the basic tools of design to business problems.

Another notable program, Warwick Business School, sends its students to a program run by the Royal Shakespeare Company. While the connection between Shakespeare and management may seem weak, these students learn how to better use verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to improve their managerial effectiveness. Unorthodox? Sure. But according to feedback from participants, it sounds pretty effective.

As Symonds writes, none of these programs offers the perfect solution, at least not yet:

The true renaissance M.B.A., as familiar with art and design and the hard sciences as with a balance sheet and an organizational model, may still be some way off. But a definite change in thinking is underway at some of the more enlightened schools around the world. There’s a growing acceptance of the idea that the most effective business leaders of tomorrow will be people with a holistic approach to their jobs, not the narrow focus of the past.

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