Investing in Success: The Best In-Person or Online GMAT Tutors Can Make a Difference

ProfessorMaking sure that you’re ready to take the GMAT requires study, time, and effort. Earning a high score on the GMAT can help to impress admissions officials at preferred business schools. One way to make the studying process easier is to work with a private GMAT tutor. A tutor can help you prep for the test in a variety of ways. Naturally, you want to find the tutor who can be the most help to you. Discover some of the qualities to look for when there’s a GMAT tutor needed to complete your study plan.

Knowledge of All Aspects of the GMAT
The best private GMAT tutor has more than just general advice regarding the GMAT. The person has thorough knowledge of the exam and its contents. There are several parts to the GMAT, including the Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections. A qualified tutor will have plenty of tips to share that can help you to navigate all of the sections on the GMAT.
Plus, an experienced tutor will be able to evaluate the results of your practice GMAT to determine where you need to focus most of your study efforts. This puts the element of efficiency into your test prep.

The GMAT instructors at Veritas Prep achieved scores on the exam that placed them in the 99th percentile, so if you work with a Veritas Prep tutor, you know you’re studying with someone who has practical experience with the exam. Our tutors are experts at describing the subtle points of the GMAT to their students.

Access to Quality Study Resources
If you want to thoroughly prepare for the GMAT, you must use quality study materials. At Veritas Prep, we have a GMAT curriculum that guides you through each section of the test. Your instructor will show you the types of questions on the test and reveal proven strategies you can use to answer them correctly. Of course, our curriculum teaches you the facts you need to know for the test. But just as importantly, we show you how to apply those facts to the questions on the exam. We do this in an effort to help you think like a business executive as you complete the GMAT. Private tutoring services from Veritas Prep give you the tools you need to perform your best on the exam.

Selecting Your Method of Learning
The best GMAT tutors can offer you several options when it comes to preparing for the exam. Perhaps you work full-time as a business professional. You want to prepare for the GMAT but don’t have the time to attend traditional courses. In that case, you should search for an online GMAT tutor. As a result, you can prep for the GMAT without disrupting your busy work schedule. At Veritas Prep, we provide you with the option of online tutoring as well as in-person classes. We recognize that flexibility is important when it comes to preparing for the GMAT, and we want you to get the instruction you need to earn a high score on this important test.

An Encouraging Instructor
Naturally, when you take advantage of GMAT private tutoring services, you will learn information you need to know for the test. But a tutor should also take the time to encourage you as you progress in your studies. It’s likely that you’ll face some stumbling blocks as you prepare for the different sections of the GMAT. A good instructor must be ready with encouraging words when you’re trying to master difficult skills.

Encouraging words from a tutor can give you the push you need to conquer especially puzzling questions on the test. The understanding tutors at Veritas Prep have been through preparation for the GMAT as well as the actual test, so we understand the tremendous effort it takes to master all of its sections.

If you want to partner with the best GMAT tutor as you prep for the test, we have you covered at Veritas Prep! When you sign up to study for the GMAT with Veritas Prep, you are investing in your own success. Give us a call or write us an email today to let us know when you want to start gearing up for excellence on the GMAT!

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How I Achieved GMAT Success Through Service to School and Veritas Prep

Service to School Bryan Young served in the United States Army as an enlisted infantryman for five years, with a fifteen month tour in Iraq from 06’-07’. After leaving the military in 2008, he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington. He started his career in the consumer packaged goods industry and is now looking to attend a top tier university to obtain an MBA. Along with help from Veritas Prep, he was able to raise his GMAT score from a 540 to a 690!

How did you hear about Veritas Prep?

I had been thinking about taking the GMAT for the last three years and knew that I would probably need the help of a prep course to be able to get a competitive score. Service to School, a non-profit that helps veterans make the transition from the military to undergraduate and graduate school, awarded me with a scholarship to Veritas Prep.

What was your initial Experience with the GMAT?

During my first diagnostic test, I was pretty overwhelmed. The questions were confusing and the length of the test was intimidating. Finishing the test with a 540 was a wakeup call for me. My goal was to score a 700 or higher and the score I achieved showed me just how much work I was going to need to put into the process.

How did the Veritas Prep Course help prepare you?

The resources that Veritas Prep provides are amazing. The books arrived within a few days and then I was ready to start taking the online classes. After a few classes I realized that I needed to brush up on some of the basics and was able to use their skill builders sections to get back on track. The online class format was great and helped me to learn the strategies and ask questions. Then the homework help line was where I was able to get answers on some of the more tricky questions I encountered.

Tell us about your test day experiences and how you felt throughout the experience?

The first two times I took the test I was still not as prepared as I need to be. The test day started well, but quickly went sour. I ran out of time on the integrated reasoning section and with my energy being low I wound up having my worst verbal performances.

One of the greatest aspects of Veritas Prep is that they allow you to retake the class if you feel like you need to take it again. The second time through the class helped me a lot more since I wasn’t struggling with not knowing some of the basics. This helped me to fully understand the strategies for the quant section and solidify my sentence corrections skills as well. One suggestion of eating a snickers bar (or some sugary snack) made a huge difference for my energy levels and concentration on test day.

After another month and a half of studying I took the GMAT again and was excited to see the 690 with an 8 on the integrated reasoning. The score was in the range I wanted and I couldn’t have been happier to be finished. Veritas Prep helped me so much throughout the year long process of beating the GMAT!

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How Veritas Prep Helped me Reach a 770 on the GMAT

The following article comes from Eliza Chute, a motivated GMAT self-studier who scored an impressive 770 on the GMAT.  Eliza utilized numerous resources to help her prepare for the GMAT, including Veritas Prep’s GMAT Question Bank and GMAT Practice Test.  Here, Eliza describes her experience using both resources and makes strategic recommendations for how to get the most out of each resource to help you with your GMAT preparation.

The Veritas Prep Question Bank and GMAT practice test helped me find my weaknesses and focus my study so that I could break the 700 barrier and ultimately helped me reach a 770.

The Question Bank was an essential part of my study plan.  I could pick which topics I wanted included in each quiz and could set the amount of questions, so I used it to help me hone in on specific skills I learned.  For example, after completing a sentence correction lesson, I used the  Question Bank to help me practice the skills I just learned and solidify the strategies in my mind.  Also, it was a great resource to help me keep up with subjects I wasn’t currently studying.  If I was having a particularly quant heavy few days, I would use the Question Bank to practice with 5-10 verbal questions to make sure I was keeping up with the topics I wasn’t actively studying at the time.

Question Bank shows you a comparison of your accuracy vs. other test takers, which is extremely valuable considering you are scored based on how well you do in relation to others on the actual GMAT.  I used this to ensure that I was up to snuff as far as my accuracy on each topic.  I was aiming for above a 700, so I needed to be well above average for everything.   After a few months of study, I saw that I was still only at average for Sentence Correction and above for everything else.  After identifying Sentence Correction as my weakness, I was able to correct it by doing a lot of review of grammar rules.

The Question Bank also showed me the progression of my accuracy over time, which I used to help plan future study.  For example, I saw that I had an increase in Data Sufficiency and then I began to plateau at an accuracy level below what I wanted for my goal score.  This showed me that I needed to go back to the books and work with more advanced problems to help me increase to where I needed to be.

Finding the right pacing strategy is such a key part of doing well on the GMAT and the Veritas Prep practice GMAT test helped me identify key areas where I was going wrong.  After you take the test, you can look at how long it took you to answer each type of question on average and how that compares to other test takers.  It also shows you a comparison of how long you spend on questions you get wrong versus how long you spend on the ones you get right.  Not only did my practice test reveal that I was taking much longer than average on problem solving, but that I spent longer, on average on the questions that I got wrong.  This helped me see that I needed to make a change and learn to let go of some questions that I just was not capable of answering.  By trying to answer these questions, I allowed myself less time to answer other questions and I wasn’t even getting them right anyway, making it a complete waste of time.  After seeing this, I adopted a strategy of guessing on 1-3 questions on the quant section to save me more time for the rest of the questions; a strategy that helped me earn a 51 in quant.

I took over 20 full length practice tests during my study and I found the Veritas Prep practice GMAT test one of the most accurate test experience and score simulators.  Not only that, but it opened my eyes to something I hadn’t thought about previously in my study: my score balance.  Though it is something that is pretty important, it is something that is not often emphasized.  Veritas Prep helped me see that while my score was pretty good, it was also very unbalanced towards the verbal side and in order to make my GMAT score more competitive, I needed to step it up in the quant department, so I did.

To learn more about how Eliza prepared for the GMAT, visit!

Free Live Online Integrated Reasoning Seminars Coming Soon!

If you are just beginning to start your GMAT prep, then your preparation schedule may very well put you on track to be among the first people to take the Next Generation GMAT in June or later. If that sounds like you, don’t fear Integrated Reasoning… Embrace it! We’ll show you how in a free live online seminar.

Join Veritas Prep’s Director of Academic Programs, Brian Galvin, as he discusses strategies that will help you succeed on the GMAT’s new Integrated Reasoning section. Brian will show you how to employ Veritas Prep strategies such as Relative Math and Sort-and-Scan to solve even the trickiest Integrated Reasoning questions.
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GMAT Courses Start Around the World Next Week!

GMAT PrepAttention Round 2 and Round 3 applicants! If you still need to take the GMAT, of if you’re not happy with your current score, we have GMAT prep classes starting around the world next week!

If you’re applying to business school this year, hopefully by now you have already beaten the GMAT and are able to focus on the rest of your applications. If not, there’s still time to properly prepare for the exam, get a competitive score, and complete your business school applications this year. But, time is running out, so you’d better start your test preparation now.
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Introducing Our New GMAT Essentials Course!

For the past eight years we have helped tens of thousands of students prepare for the GMAT. Not only have we helped students by knowing the GMAT better than anyone, but also by constantly staying innovative with our GMAT prep curriculum. That innovative spirit is behind our newest course format, The Essentials Course.

A team of our top GMAT instructors has collaborated over the past several months to develop an entirely new way to train for the GMAT. The Essentials Course, as the name implies, covers what you absolutely MUST need to know in order to succeed on the GMAT, and does it over 15 hours in one weekend.

This isn’t a seminar or a general overview of the GMAT. Rather, it is an in-depth, rigorous course designed to teach you the higher-order thinking skills that the GMAT is designed to test. After the course finishes, you will 12 months of access to all of Veritas Prep’s online prep tools, including 15 practice tests, seven in-depth diagnostic tests, and the entire Veritas Prep on Demand™ pre-recorded online course. Also, you will receive one year of unlimited homework help from expert Veritas Prep GMAT instructors.

If you’re asking yourself, “Where do I begin?” or need some professional help to get into the 700+ range, the Essentials Course is the perfect way to start your GMAT preparation! Enrollment costs just $700 for in-person courses and only $550 for live online.

Our first course runs Saturday and Sunday, October 30-31, from 10 AM to 6 PM EDT, and will be taught by Brian Galvin and David Newland, two of Veritas Prep’s most distinguished instructors (and two of the brains behind the new course). Click here to learn more and to enroll!

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Enrolling in the Best GMAT Prep Course Just Got Easier!

By popular demand, today we introduce something that will surely bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s ever wanted to pay Tuesday for their hamburger today: Now you can enroll in any Veritas Prep GMAT class and pay in three monthly installments!

Since Veritas Prep launched in 2002, we have always been one of the highest-priced GMAT courses in the market. When a company invests as much as we do in quality — from our 99th-percentile-scoring GMAT instructors to our industry-leading lesson books to our extensive bank of practice tests — it tends to be the more expensive option in the market. But, you shouldn’t need to choose between getting a great score or saving a few dollars. Now, you can do both.

How do you enroll in a payment plan? When you enroll in any in-person or online GMAT course, just check the “Payment Plan” box on the checkout page, and you will be automatically enrolled in a three-month payment plan. There’s nothing else you need to do. As soon as you enroll, you will immediately have access to all of Veritas Prep’s online GMAT lessons, diagnostics, and computer-adaptive practice tests!

By the way, payments plans are now available for all of our admissions consulting services, too! Just call us at 800-925-7737 to enroll, and ask for the payment plan option. It works the same way as the GMAT payment plan: Start working with us today, and pay over three months!

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Free GMAT Critical Reasoning Online Class for Our Friends in India!

This coming Wednesday, August 4, Veritas Prep will host a free live online GMAT Critical Reasoning lesson for our friends in India. Everyone is invited to attend, but this one has been scheduled to work best for people on IST. The 3-hour class will run from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM IST.

Taken directly from Veritas Prep’s full length, $1,600 GMAT course, this lesson will demonstrate proven strategies for conquering the GMAT’s Critical Reasoning questions, representing one of the most difficult facets of the verbal half of the exam.

The class will be taught by Brian Galvin, Veritas Prep’s Director of Academic Development and a top-rated U.S. GMAT instructor with over seven years of GMAT teaching experience. After teaching hundreds of students from India and Southeast Asia through his popular online events, Brian would like to take this opportunity to host a session at a convenient time for Southeast Asian students – 7:00 PM IST. We hope that you’ll take this opportunity to get Brian’s valuable insight and ask him any questions that you have about the GMAT.

After registering for the class, you will receive a confirmation email verifying your enrollment. On August 3rd, the day before the class, you will receive an additional email from Veritas Prep with an electronic copy of the Critical Reasoning lesson booklet and instructions on how to access the live online class.

Also, during the free trial class Brian will unveil a special offer for all GMAT students in India. But you have to resister and attend the online class to get the offer!

You can read more and register here. We look forward to seeing you online next Wednesday!

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Will Video Kill the Classroom Star?

The Huffington Post recently ran an interesting column by Jodi Beggs, in which she contends that the advent of online education has the potential to create a winner-take-all model for education similar to that of the entertainment or sports industries: With the world having access to the world’s best, a few superstars, she predicts, will captivate the attention of the masses while the more regional, smaller-scale stars will fade in popularity.

Similar to how the world will (claim not to but ultimately still decide to) watch LeBron James announce in a one-hour primetime special this Thursday which team has the right to pay him millions of dollars, top teachers would be in a position to reach the masses all at once, and their just-not-quite-good-enough counterparts will, like those slightly less talented than James, fade toward the obscurity of the small-town circuit.

As purveyors of both online education and in-person, regional education, we at Veritas Prep were fascinated by the contention, which spurred on some conversation about the topic. For one, we applaud any development that allows top instructors to share their talents with the world. Veritas Prep’s Live Online GMAT courses have attracted students from Central Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, and the South Pacific — small markets for GMAT prep that now, by the advance of technology, have access to worldwide Instructor of the Year winners.

Those instructors, in turn, have lauded the ease of interaction in the live online format, noting that receiving and answering student questions can be just as convenient online as it is in person, and that forming student-instructor rapport has been almost surprisingly easy to do. Stories of Philadelphia-based students wondering how to FedEx a favorite cheesesteak and beer to a California-based instructor as a thank-you, or of American instructors meeting up with international students during airport layovers just to finally put a face with the name, have become much more commonplace than we ever expected. The benefits of online education have been quick to come and easy to embrace, and Veritas Prep instructors, students, and administrators alike feel fortunate to be on the edge of a new and exciting trend.

Should Great Teachers Be Worried?
In opposition to the “video killed the educational star” mentality, however, are some of the same points that have made many of us such fans of online education. Ask any Veritas Prep instructor or student what has impressed them most about the Live Online format and they’re likely to mention in their short list of benefits that ease of interactivity and of building rapport — items that remain possible when classroom sizes are manageable, but that wouldn’t be the case under the proposed winner-take-all model. Watching LeBron James play basketball or Eminem perform in concert doesn’t require any interpersonal connection — their talents can be admired from afar without the need for the viewer to ask for clarification or for the performer to check for understanding.

Similarly, and perhaps even more of a contrast, a concert performance or basketball game comes with one primary goal to the consumer: entertainment. Should the viewer miss a song to accept a phone call or leave a game early to beat traffic, that cost-benefit analysis belongs solely to the viewer’s preference. In education, however, the goal is true understanding, which requires a higher level of engagement and commitment than does entertainment. Particularly when knowledge must be constructed upon other knowledge, missing a demonstration to take a phone call or turning off a class early can have repercussions that impact learning significantly.

Different Strokes for Different Folks
Just as there are known difference between visual and audial learners, we predict (and have seen evidence) that there are differences between in-person and online learners. As you decide which format is best for you, ask yourself how you may learn best. Are you typically prone to staying engaged in educational pursuits and participating in class? If so, then you may thrive in an online environment. Do you have a tendency to become distracted easily and try to multitask? An online classroom that exists just a mouse click away from the rest of the internet may prove to be less than ideal in keeping you engaged. Do you tend to view an instructor as part “knowledge dispenser” and an equal part “personal trainer”? You may want to ensure that you’re working in a format that allows you to connect with your instructor personally to derive that motivational benefit. Do you often feel intimidated or embarrassed to participate in class as much as you’d like? A more-anonymous online format may be just the cure, allowing you to participate without the seemingly-judgmental eyes of your classmates.

So, will video kill the classroom star? Probably not. Video stars will undoubtedly be born, and deservedly so, but education is a unique world in which multiple methods of delivery are required. As any good teacher knows, the key to effective instruction is to provide learners with various methods of education so that each learner is in a position to construct knowledge in a way that allows her to build mastery of a subject. In the evolving world of educational technology, students will have opportunities to decide between elite instructors in a less interpersonal setting (be that an in-person lecture or an online video series) and more-interpersonal experiences with other instructors. As educators, we believe that our role is to eliminate the need for substantial trade-off between these options and to provide students with win-win decisions of this type, and we’re confident that students in that situation will make the right decisions for themselves.

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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Your GMAT Preparation

It only comes six times a year, when the planets align and our GMAT prep classes start around the world on the same week! If you’re planning to apply to a top MBA program this coming fall (or even if you’re just starting to think about it), this is the perfect time to start preparing for the GMAT.

Why? Because starting your preparation now will put you in position to take the GMAT by late July. If you ace it, then great. You can put the GMAT out of your mind and start planning the rest of your application. If not — and it’s not unusual for an applicant to take the GMAT two or three times — then you still have plenty of time to prep some more and take the GMAT again, before you get deep into the stress of pulling together your Round 1 business school applications in October.

When it’s early in the calendar year and applicants ask us, “What can I do NOW to most help my MBA admissions chances in the fall?” we often say, “Start earlier! Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need, for everything — the GMAT, your essays, your letters of recommendation. You’ll be glad you did!” Sometimes they listen, and sometimes they don’t. But the ones who do listen always become advocates of the “Start early!” school of thought. (Maybe that’s why our May classes are so popular!)

Okay, back to the special occasion at hand: If you haven’t yet taken the GMAT and want help in maximizing your score, you’re in luck. We have classes starting in dozens of cities worldwide this week, in all sorts of formats — weeknights, weekends, Saturdays-only, accelerated, and online GMAT prep. You name it, we’ve got a GMAT class for it. And taking our 42-hour, seven-week Complete Course (our most popular option) will leave you with plenty of time to take the GMAT in July, setting up the calendar for you beautifully in the back half of the year.

Ready to dig in and reach your maximum potential on the GMAT? Visit our site for a GMAT course overview to see why thousands of applicants choose Veritas Prep every year. Then, find a GMAT course near you and you’ll be on your way.

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Introducing Our First Free Trial Online GMAT Class!

Online GMAT PrepIntroducing another first in the history of Veritas Prep! For the first time ever, we’re offering students a chance to sit in on the first class of our Virtual Veritas Prep live online GMAT class for free, with no strings attached! Our July 28 Free Virtual Trial Class gives you an excellent chance to attend the first class of our 14-session Virtual Veritas course, meet your Veritas Prep instructor, see Veritas Prep’s GMAT prep methodology in action, and get a feel for our online learning environment.

What is Virtual Veritas Prep? It’s one of our two online GMAT courses, and it gives you access to one of our top-rated instructors (who has scored in the 99th percentile on an actual GMAT exam, of course), just like in an in-person Veritas Prep course. It’s ideal if you don’t live close to any of the 90 locations where we offer traditional in-person classes, or if you simply prefer the flexibility of attending class online. You’ll receive the same 15 lesson booklets, 15 GMAT practice tests, more than 1800 problems, and 25 hours per week of toll-free phone support and unlimited email support. And, you’re eligible for our same generous free retake policy when you enroll in the whole course.

The Free Virtual Trial Class runs on July 28, from 7 to 10 PM U.S. Pacific Daylight Time. Enrollment is limited, so register soon to secure your spot!