How to Avoid Senioritis

High school seniors entering their last semester of grade school often lose motivation. Interestingly, the two main causes of “senioritis” are polar opposites: a lack of goals or no goals left to achieve. High school students who do not aspire to go to college may view senior year as their last chance to socialize in such a setting. As a result, a lack of motivation for further academic development can cause students to wonder “what’s the point?” of their classes in their final school days. On the other end of the spectrum, students who believe they have achieved everything they had planned to in high school (i.e. getting into the college of their choice) may also display symptoms of senioritis. Although not as a worrisome as students without goals, students who are complacent with their achievements may be just as likely to fall behind in their schoolwork senior year.
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Why Smart Students Struggle with the SAT

Why Smart Students Struggle on the SATMeet John Doe.

John was a straight-A student ever since the first grade. He always completed his schoolwork diligently, turning in his homework assignments on time and went well-above and beyond his teachers expectations. His parents valued education and created an academically conducive environment at home. John had all of the ingredients necessary for academic success.

But John soon found out that his stellar classroom track record could not help him on the biggest exam of his life: the SAT. When he sat down to take his first practice SAT, he barely scored above average. He was nowhere near the top-tier SAT scores that he was shooting for.
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The 5 Strategies That Helped Me Score 780 on the GMAT

Last week I wrote about the day I scored 780 on the GMAT. That post was purely about my experiences on test day — from what I ate in the morning to how I kept my mind sharp during short breaks in the exam. Today I’ll dig into some of the specific strategies I used to ace the GMAT.

Note that many of these strategies overlap heavily with Veritas Prep’s own GMAT prep philosophy — I do work for Veritas Prep, after all — so regular readers will probably see some overlap between this post and the advice they read on this blog on a regular basis. Here I describe how the “rubber met the road” for me as I put these strategies to work.
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The Day I Scored 780 on the GMAT

So I’ve been working for Veritas Prep at headquarters for over 4 years now and I’d been reluctant to actually take the GMAT. One, I felt pressured to score in the 99th percentile like all our instructors have, and two, because I hadn’t found the time to really get down and study in earnest. In addition to that, most of the practice tests that I had taken had me scoring between 680 and 720 — still quite a bit of work left to get past that 99th percentile threshold. I’m happy to report however, that over this past weekend, I took the test and scored a 780!

I wanted to share with everyone my test day experience as well as some of the Veritas Prep strategies that I found most helpful in getting through that last scoring barrier. Although the strategies helped me jump into the 99th percentile, I think they will be very helpful for anyone trying to significantly improve their score at any level.
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