Things to do in May when you are applying to MBA programs

May is a huge month for MBA applicants. For starters, this represents the best (and in some cases, last) chance to visit campuses before a round one application deadline. Students are usually in good spirits and very willing to talk this time of year and exploring campuses late in the spring is a great way to define a school search heading into the summer (when visiting is fruitless, because campuses are empty). Furthermore, this is the time to start assessing strengths and weaknesses in your candidacy, while you still have time to address them. Four months from Round One, you still have time to increase your GMAT score, showcase leadership and teamwork, to start a volunteer activity, to take a summer class, or even to pursue a credential like the CPA or CFA. Also, essay prompts and deadlines will start being released in May, and we’ll publish essay advice throughout the summer, so make sure you watch for those and keep up with us on social media (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, Instagram coming soon!).


Not only that, but (and this is going to sound crazy) your preparation for MBA interviews starts now. The goal over the next half of a year is to refine your own personal sales pitch to the point where you can deliver a one-minute version or a one-hour version, depending on the audience. You will be able to splice it up to answer different questions, figure out ways to bring up certain points yourself, and generally know how to get the whole message out in front of any interviewer. Such a sales pitch is made up of the answers to four questions: (1) why do you want an MBA? (2) why now? (3) why this school? (4) why should you be admitted over another qualified applicant? At some point, you are going to have to artfully answer (in so many words) those questions. So start practicing now! Every time someone asks you why you are pursuing an MBA, take advantage and work on your sales pitch. It will be easy to play it cool and make a joke or a passing comment, but that does you no good. That choice is part of a bygone era, where you could afford to stay aloof and still achieve success. Now? The hungry win. Survival of the fittest rules the day.


Hopefully, this blog post will light a fire under you to start working on your goal now – to start living your dream earnestly and passionately, with no room for procrastination and no scorecard for cool points.


It’s time to set your dreams in motion.


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