First Mover Advantage: Start Your MBA Applications Early & Improve Your Chances of Admission into Top Business Schools

At Veritas Prep, spring is definitely one of our favorite times of the year! Not just because of the warmer weather, but also because our admissions consulting clients are letting us know what top-tier MBA programs they’re hearing from and sharing their success stories with us. Along with help from their consultants, we know our clients put a lot of effort into their applications.  And for many clients who are heading to the most elite business schools this fall, they also started the application process months ahead of deadlines. Being admitted to a top-ranked MBA program requires much more than a high GMAT score and a set of grammar-perfect essays. Allotting yourself plenty of time ahead of deadlines gives you an opportunity to show business schools that you mean, well, business. Veritas Prep First Movers start the application process months in advance of their competition and capitalize on their head start in a number of ways. Here are just a couple of great reasons to get started early:

  • School fit that’s genuine: Veritas Prep First Movers don’t have to simply rely on rankings and school websites. They actually have time to visit campuses, network with alum, attend information sessions, and really understand each target school’s unique culture.  This allows a First Mover to not only find a program that feels right, but also effectively showcase to the admissions committee why they’re a perfect fit and will thrive in the program.
  • Improve application weaknesses:  First Movers don’t have to simply explain profile weaknesses in their application, but they have time to actually improve weaknesses.  This can mean leading a new project at work or in a volunteer organization, taking classes at your local community college or online, or strategically preparing for and retaking the GMAT.  Veritas Prep First Movers are taking action now so that no explanations are necessary!

To learn even more about the advantages of being a Veritas Prep First Mover, call us at 800-962-2069 to speak with an MBA admissions expert. Click here to request a Free MBA Admissions Consultation! As always, be sure to find us on Facebook and YouTube, and follow us on Twitter!