Does Round 3 Hold a Future For Me?

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This past week a lot of applicants learned their fates as many top MBA programs – including HBS and Stanford – released their Round 2 decisions. If you were admitted to your dream program – congratulations! If you were not – let’s take a look at some of your burning questions.


Is it too late to apply in Round 3?

No it is not, but you better hurry! Deadlines at most top programs are right around the corner.

  • April 1 – Tuck
  • April 2 – Wharton
  • April 3 – Stanford
  • April 4 – Booth and Haas
  • April 8 – Sloan
  • April 10 – Columbia and Kellogg
  • April 16 – Yale

I’ve heard there’s no chance of being admitted in Round 3. Is that true?

It is possible to be admitted as a Round 3 applicant. To have a chance of being admitted in Round 3, you’ll need to present a strong application. To give yourself the best chance of admission, check to see if your application measurables (GMAT score, undergraduate GPA, years of work experience) align with or exceed the class profile numbers at your target school. If you’re a strong candidate or have something unique to offer you may be just the person the admissions committees are looking to admit. Also, you may be applying to your backup schools or backups to the backups, so make sure you enthusiastically and convincingly convey why you’re excited about attending the school you’re applying to.

I’ve been waitlisted, what should I do?

One of the most common reasons applicants end up on the waitlist is their test score. If your GMAT is below your target program’s average, you should strongly consider retaking the test. If you really want to get into a school, then we recommend that you do everything in your power to get in.  If that means studying three hours a day for the next four weeks to improve your GMAT score, then do it! These programs are looking for driven individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Once you have something new to tell them, then be sure to communicate these updates to the admissions committee!

The other thing you’ll want to do, regardless of your test score, if the school accepts an update or supplemental essay, you’ll want to make sure you write a great one! Think hard about what weaknesses, if any, you want to address and what positive updates you have to share – a promotion at work, additional responsibility or big projects undertaken, perhaps you’ve taken steps and made progress towards the career goals you set forth in your application. Highlight activities, experiences, and accomplishments that add value to your candidacy.

Applying in Round 3 or being on the waitlist can be challenging. What other questions do you have? Veritas Prep has consultants who have helped applicants just like you get in during Round 3 or off the waitlist. Some of our consultants successfully faced the same situations themselves. Contact us today to speak with an admissions expert and find out how we can help you.

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