How Are GRE Scores Sent to Institutions?

Columbia - LowNaturally, students who are planning to take the GRE want to learn as much as possible about the test. For instance, many students are curious about the scoring system for the GRE. Also, they want to know how to send GRE scores to graduate schools. Learn the details about the scoring system on the GRE. In addition, discover how to send GRE scores to four or more graduate schools.

The Scoring System for the GRE
Before thinking about sending GRE scores to schools, students must learn the basics of the scoring system for the test. The GRE has three parts, including the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections. Students can score from 130 to 170 points on both the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative sections of the exam. These two sections of the test are scored in one-point increments. The scoring range is zero to six for the Analytical Writing portion of the GRE. This section of the test is scored in half-point increments.

What Is On a Student’s Score Report?
The typical GRE score report displays a student’s basic information, including the person’s name, address, phone number, email address, and birth date. It also notes a student’s intended major as well as their test date. The report features the scores a student received on the three sections of the GRE. The officials who offer the GRE send scores to graduate schools about ten to 15 days after a student takes the computer-delivered test. Alternatively, students who take the paper-delivered GRE have their scores sent out to schools six weeks after the test date.

How to Send GRE Scores to Graduate Schools
Students are not responsible for physically sending GRE scores to universities. When students register to take the GRE, they can arrange to have their scores sent to up to four schools of their choice – this arrangement is covered by a student’s test fee. A student’s GRE scores are valid for five years. This is convenient for students if they want to take the GRE but aren’t settled on a definite starting date for graduate school.

The Process of Designating Score Report Recipients
Some students know exactly where they want to send their GRE scores, while others need some time to think about it. The process of designating score report recipients is different depending on how a student takes the GRE. Students who take the computer-delivered GRE must take their list of four schools with them to the test center, but students who opt for the paper-delivered GRE have to specify four graduate schools when they register for the test.

Sending Test Scores to Additional Schools
Some students who take the GRE send scores to more than four graduate schools. Of course, there is a fee for sending out additional score reports. Students can order these reports online or arrange for them by mail or fax. Additional score reports that are requested online are sent out five days after the order is received. Additional reports that are ordered via mail or fax are sent out to schools ten days after the request is made. The ability to send additional score reports is perfect for students who are interested in the programs of several different graduate schools.

Studying for the GRE
Students who take practice tests and then take action to improve in weaker subject areas are likely to perform well on the GRE. Students can also get an advantage on the GRE by allowing themselves several months to prepare. For instance, students who want to learn new vocabulary words for the Verbal Reasoning section have an easier time absorbing unfamiliar words and their definitions in a gradual way.

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