10 Tips to Creating an Effective GRE Study Plan

help - wordsCreating a GRE study plan is one way a student can thoroughly prepare for this exam. A study plan helps a student to stay organized and absorb all of the necessary material.

Take a look at ten tips for creating a GRE study plan that can contribute to a student’s confidence level on test day.

1. Take a Practice Test
It’s important for students to take a practice GRE before creating a study plan. The results of this test reveal the subject areas (PDF) in need of the most improvement. Consequently, students can build a study plan that focuses on those subjects. At Veritas Prep, our GRE tutoring services include reviewing practice test results with students. Our online tutors provide students with strategies that help them to master questions in every section of the GRE.

2. Set a Target Score
Students should set a target score for the GRE. This gives them a concrete idea of what they are working to achieve. Of course, students who reach their target score on a practice test should continue preparing just as vigorously for the GRE. A student’s goal is to achieve and surpass his or her target score!

3. Create Study Tasks for Each Day of the Week
The best GRE study plans are the ones that include specific details. Students should plan to study at least ten hours per week. Many students prefer to study for two hours every weekday, leaving their weekends free. On Monday from 3:00 to 4:00 a student may work on completing ten sample geometry questions and ten algebra questions. From 4:00 to 5:00, the student memorizes twenty vocabulary words and their definitions. A detailed study plan allows a student to get down to work right away without having to decide what to do for the hour.

4. Choose an Optimal Study Time
Deciding when to study is part of making a study plan for GRE. Some students study best in the early morning, while others are more receptive in the evening. Students who take this self- knowledge into account are giving themselves an extra advantage as they prep for the GRE.

5. Get an Expert to Evaluate the Study Plan
Our instructors at Veritas Prep can evaluate a student’s study plan to see if any improvements can be made. All of our professional GRE tutors achieved high scores on the exam. This means that they have unique insight on the most effective ways to prep. In short, students have access to invaluable tips that make their study plan all the more effective.

6. Create Rewards for Meeting Small Goals
Most GRE study plans cover a period of months; that’s why it’s an excellent idea for students to reward themselves when they reach short term goals. For instance, a student may create a reward of going to a movie with a friend once he or she finishes memorizing fifty vocabulary words. These little incentives can refresh a student’s motivation.

7. Determine an Appropriate Place to Study
The right environment contributes to the effectiveness of study time. A student should choose an environment with very few people and no televisions, radios or other distractions. Some suggestions include a private study room at a library, a quiet room at home or an unoccupied picnic bench at a local park.

8. Factor Exceptions into a Study Plan
An effective study plan for GRE has the element of flexibility. Inevitably, things arise that will disrupt a student’s study time. If a student has to skip a weekday study session, he or she should reschedule those hours for the weekend. It’s best to makeup missed days whenever possible.

9. Set Aside Time for Quick Review
A week or two prior to test day, students should incorporate short review sessions into the plan. For instance, students may take thirty minutes out of a two hour study session to review with vocabulary flashcards. Or, they may use twenty minutes of study time to take a quick geometry quiz on basic concepts. These quick reviews can help them retain more material.

10. Don’t Forget the Night Before the Test
A study plan should include a student’s activities the night before the test. A student may want to make a note of items to put aside for the following morning, when to eat dinner and when to go to bed. A student’s activities the night before the test can set a positive tone for test day.

Our talented GRE instructors at Veritas Prep specialize in helping students prepare for this important exam. Our study resources and materials add to the quality of our courses. Contact our offices today and get the advantage on the GRE with Veritas Prep.

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