Is Taking the GRE Without Studying Really an Option?

StudentStudents who want to go to graduate school and earn an advanced degree have a lot of things to accomplish before they start that journey. Taking the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, is just one of the things on the to-do list of a future graduate student.

Some students wonder if it’s necessary to study for the GRE. Can they save themselves some time by taking the GRE without studying for it? If you’re considering this tactic, learn the risks of taking this exam without preparing for it. Also, discover what students can do to earn an impressive score on the GRE.

The Disadvantages of Taking the GRE Without Studying
A student who sits down to take the GRE without studying is likely to be familiar with a lot of the topics on the test. But it’s also likely that the person’s score won’t reflect what they are really capable of.

For example, a student who doesn’t study may feel confident about most of the arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis questions on the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE, but the student might be confused by some of the algebra problems. They might vaguely remember some of the concepts but be unsure how to put them into practice. As a result, the student would receive a low score on the Quantitative Reasoning section. This is something that the student could’ve avoided with a few weeks of algebra review and practice.

Another disadvantage of taking the test without preparing is that a student won’t be familiar with the content or the structure of the GRE. Being familiar with the test ahead of time can give a student an extra dose of confidence on test day.

How Long Does it Take to Prepare for the GRE?
Once a student makes the decision to prepare for the GRE, they will want to know how much time to devote to the process. Students should take a practice test to determine the amount of time needed to prepare. A student who does well in every subject but one may only need one month of study, while another student must study for six months to ensure success on every section of the test. GRE preparation time depends upon the individual and their need for review.

How to Prep for the GRE
Along with taking a practice test, one of the best tips for students who are planning to take the GRE is to create a study schedule. It’s best if they incorporate study hours into their daily routine. Some students may set up a schedule that allows them two hours of GRE study per day. For instance, on Monday, a student might work on memorizing ten new vocabulary words and their definitions and tackle two pages of algebra problems. Tuesdays could be for studying geometry problems and working on reading comprehension skills, such as drawing conclusions and finding main ideas. Creating a study schedule allows a student to absorb the necessary study material in a gradual way.

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Tips for Success on the Exam
When it comes to the GRE, one of the most effective study techniques is to create flashcards for unfamiliar vocabulary words. A student can use the flashcards during regular study time or review them while waiting in a line at a store or sitting in the dentist’s office. They are a convenient study tool. Another useful piece of GRE advice for students is to check off each skill as they master it. This provides encouragement for students and helps them see solid progress as test day approaches.

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