Can I Take the GRE Online?

GMAT“Can I take the GRE online?” This is just one of the many questions that students have about the GRE exam – they wonder if perhaps they can take the GRE online from home or at their local library. Although many GRE practice tests can be taken online, the actual exam itself must be taken in an official testing center. Taking the GRE under the guidance of an administrator in one of these testing centers helps ensure the integrity of the test results.

Consider some of the ways that a student can take the GRE in a testing center and learn more about the contents of this challenging exam:

Ways to Take the GRE
Although students are not allowed to take the GRE online from home, they can take the test on a computer in a testing center. In fact, most students choose to take the GRE via computer rather than take it as a traditional paper test (which is also an option – instead of sitting down at a computer, students receive a test booklet where they mark down their answers). Both the computer-based exam and the paper-delivered test take over three hours to complete.

Benefits of Taking the Computer-Delivered GRE
There are lots of students who feel at ease taking the GRE on a computer because they are very familiar with the technology. Unlike its counterpart, the GMAT (which is also taken via computer), the computer-delivered GRE allows test-takers to mark questions they want to skip and return to them later on, as well as to go back and change answers within a particular section.

The computer that the GRE is administered on has basic word processing software that allows students to cut, paste, and otherwise edit their essays – many test-takers appreciate being able to type their essays for the test in this way instead of having to hand-write them. Test-takers also get to use an on-screen calculator for problems in the Quantitative Reasoning Section. The computer-delivered exam is the next best option for students who wish they could take the GRE online.

Benefits of Taking the Paper-Delivered GRE
Some students prefer to stick with the paper-based format for the GRE as they feel more comfortable with this familiar, traditional option. Like the computer-delivered version of the exam, the paper GRE allows test-takers to skip puzzling questions and return to them later on. It also gives them the ability to jot down outlines for their essays to use in hand-writing their final versions. Not surprisingly, this is the preferred option for students who would never want to take the GRE online.

What Is On the GRE?
Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Sections make up the three parts of the GRE. The Verbal Reasoning Section tests a student’s ability to read and understand written works as well as recognize various vocabulary words in context. The Quantitative Section tests a student’s math skills in the areas of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and data interpretation. Finally, on the Analytical Writing Section, students are asked to write both an issue essay as well as an argument essay.

Tips for GRE Preparation
Whether a student is taking the GRE via computer or on paper, it’s a good idea to take a practice test. This can help a student to learn which skills need the most attention while they are studying. For example, a student looking at the results of their practice GRE may find that although they performed well on most of the math problems, they would benefit from a little work on their geometry skills. This information will allow the student to focus their study efforts where they are most needed.

Another tip that can assist students in preparing for the GRE is to read more newspaper and magazine articles. This habit can help a student absorb commonly-used vocabulary words and their definitions, which will come in handy if they see these words during the Verbal Reasoning Section of the exam.

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