99th GMAT Score or Bust! Lesson 9: Talk Like a Lawyer

raviVeritas Prep’s Ravi Sreerama is the #1-ranked GMAT instructor in the world (by GMATClub) and a fixture in the new Veritas Prep Live Online format as well as in Los Angeles-area classrooms. He’s beloved by his students for the philosophy “99th percentile or bust!”, a signal that all students can score in the elusive 99thpercentile with the proper techniques and preparation. In this “9 for 99th” video seriesRavi shares some of his favorite strategies to efficiently conquer the GMAT and enter that 99th percentile.

First, take a look at the previous lessons in this series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8!

Lesson Nine: 

Talk Like a Lawyer. When you click “Agree” on a user contract (think iTunes) or read through a GMAT question, you may just see an overkill of words. But thanks to lawyers, every word on that user agreement is carefully chosen – and that GMAT question is written the same exact way. In this final “9 for 99th” video, Ravi (a member of the bar himself) shows you how to talk and read like a lawyer, noticing those subtle word choices that can make or break your answer to those carefully-written GMAT problems you see on test day.​

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By Brian Galvin