The Perfect GRE Score

GMATMost students who sign up with Veritas Prep to study for the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, have a lot of questions. One typical question is, “What is the highest score on the GRE?” Many students want to know the top GRE score so they can set their own personal goals for this exam. Students are also curious about the individual sections on the test and the type of material they will encounter.

Check out some facts about the subject matter on the GRE and take a look at the highest GRE score a student can earn.

The Three Sections of the GRE

Before thinking about scores, a student should learn about the various sections of the GRE. There are three sections that test a student’s verbal reasoning, quantitative, and analytical writing skills. The verbal reasoning section contains questions that measure a student’s reading comprehension abilities. For the text completion questions, a student must choose the most suitable word based on the context of a passage. Students must have an expansive vocabulary in order to choose the appropriate word for both the text completion and sentence equivalence portions of the verbal reasoning section.

The quantitative or math section of the GRE gauges a student’s abilities in the areas of arithmetic, basic algebra, basic geometry, and data interpretation. The questions in both the verbal reasoning and quantitative sections are in multiple-choice form. The analytical writing section of the GRE asks students to write two essays. One is an issue essay, and the other is an argument essay. These essays reveal how well a student can express, defend, and organize their ideas.

What Is the Highest Score on the GRE?

The highest GRE score a student can earn on the verbal reasoning section is 170 points. A perfect GRE score on the quantitative section is 170 points as well. The scoring scale for the verbal reasoning and quantitative sections ranges from 130 to 170 possible points. These two sections are scored in one-point increments. The highest GRE score possible on the analytical writing section is six points. The scoring scale for this section ranges from one to six points and is scored in half-point increments.

Some students add their verbal reasoning and quantitative scores together to get a single total. However, most graduate school admissions officials look at each of the scores separately. This gives them a clearer picture of a student’s specific abilities. At Veritas Prep, our talented instructors help students to achieve their best on the GRE. We offer online GRE prep classes that are convenient for busy students who want to learn the practical strategies they need to earn a GRE top score.

Earning a Good Score on the GRE

A student doesn’t have to achieve a perfect GRE score to gain admission into a prominent graduate program. Not surprisingly, GRE score requirements vary from school to school. Speaking generally, a score of 163 to 167 is considered a good total on the verbal reasoning section of the test. Furthermore, 164 to 168 points is a good score for the quantitative section. As for the analytical writing section, a score of 5.0 is a good total. One of the most useful things students can do before taking the GRE is to visit the websites of colleges they are interested in. In most cases, a college or university’s website will post statistics in the admission section that include the average GRE scores of its students. This can give a potential applicant an idea of what they need to score on the GRE to impress the admissions committee.

Veritas Prep’s professional instructors take pride in helping students to perform at their best on the GRE. We use study resources that give students the tools they need to tackle any question on the GRE. Our tutors provide individualized instruction and practical tips to students so they can strengthen the skills they need to improve in preparation for the test.

Students who work with Veritas Prep enjoy an advantage over their peers on test day. Our knowledgeable team gives students first-rate instruction and practice that instills them with confidence in their test-taking abilities. Call or email us today to start prepping for the GRE.

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