The GRE Scoring Range: Where Does Your Score Fall?

99Students who plan to apply to graduate school must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). At Veritas Prep, one of the first things our students ask us about is the scoring process for the exam. They are curious about the GRE scoring range for each of the three sections. Interestingly, in August of 2011, the GRE revised its scoring scale to paint a clearer picture of a student’s performance.

Look at some facts about this exam that can help students to determine where their results fall on the GRE scoring scale.

Learning About the GRE Scoring Process
The GRE is divided into three parts; verbal reasoning, quantitative, and analytical writing. There is a range of possible scores for each section. For example, a student can score anywhere from 130 to 170 points on the verbal reasoning section of the exam. The GRE score range for the quantitative section also goes from 130 points up to 170. The verbal reasoning and quantitative sections are scored in one point increments. As for the analytical writing section, a student can earn a score ranging from 0 to 6 points. This section is scored in half point increments. There are some graduate schools that look at a composite score for the GRE, but many look at a student’s scores on the individual sections of the test.

Evaluating GRE Scores
As with other standardized tests, there are excellent, good, and average scores on the GRE. For instance, if a student’s verbal reasoning results fall into the GRE score range of 160 to 170 points, then he or she has achieved an excellent score on that section. A score of 155 points to 159 on the verbal reasoning section qualifies as a good score. On the quantitative section of the exam, a score of 163 points or more is excellent. A score in the mid-150s is a good score on this section. As for the analytical writing section, someone who scores a 6.0 would be in the 99th percentile. A score of around 5.0 is a good score for a student to earn for this section.

The Key to Achieving an Impressive Score on the GRE
In order to achieve the score they want, students must thoroughly prep for the GRE. One of the most effective ways to do this is to take practice exams. Taking a sample exam gives students the chance to learn about the format of the test as well as what types of questions they will encounter. Students who feel anxious about the GRE are likely to feel more at ease after getting a sneak preview of what they’ll see on test day. Plus, students can put the techniques and tips they learn at Veritas Prep into action as they work through sample questions. Students who walk into the test location feeling confident in their abilities are sure to achieve results that fall on the high end of the GRE scoring range.

Researching Test Score Requirements for Specific Schools
One thing students can do to get a better idea of what score to achieve on the GRE is to research the admission requirements of the graduate schools they are interested in. In many cases, colleges and universities post GRE scores and other statistics on their website to give visitors an idea of what they expect of their students. A college or university may even display a range of GRE scores that are acceptable on an admissions application. At Veritas Prep, our instructors are experts at conveying strategies and tips that are useful to students on any section of the exam. Students receive individualized attention, so they can get help with the skills that require improvement. We use proven study materials and resources that give students the tools they need to submit their best performance on this challenging test. Our students appreciate the opportunity to study for the GRE with professional instructors who are both supportive and encouraging.

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