6 Things You Need to Know About Taking the GRE

ChecklistStudents who are planning to apply to graduate school have a long list of things to do. One item on that list is to take the Graduate Record Examination, also known as the GRE. Many graduate schools require students to include these test results with their application. Look at some information on how to sign up for the GRE. Also, learn how our professional instructors at Veritas Prep help students prepare to excel on this critical exam.

1. Creating an Account

The first stop for a student who wants to sign up for this exam is the website of the Educational Testing Service or the ETS. A student must create an account on this site in order to sign up for the GRE. Also, students are able to look at their test scores via this account. It’s important that a student uses his or her full name when creating an account. This same name should be used when a student signs up for the test. Any discrepancy such as the use of an abbreviated name may cause a delay in the registration process. Also, if the name on a student’s registration form is different than the one on his or her identification, the student may not be allowed to take the GRE on test day.

2. Choose a Testing Location and a Test Date

Once a student creates an account on the ETS website, it’s a wise idea to check the various deadlines for test registration. A student must register by the deadline in order to avoid paying a fee. After noting the test deadlines, it’s time to find a testing location. A student should begin the search by clicking on his or her country, state and city. After entering the appropriate information, there may be several test locations to choose from. After clicking on a nearby testing location, a student is able to choose a test date and see if there are any seats available at that location. The GRE sign-up process is simple if students follow all of the steps involved in choosing a date and location.

3. Paying the Test Fee

The fee to take the GRE is $195.00. This fee is paid during the GRE sign-up process. Students should keep in mind that there are additional fees for services such as changing to another test center or another test day. There is the option of getting a fee reduction certificate if a student meets all of the eligibility requirements. Our experienced team at Veritas Prep understands the financial investment that a student makes in the GRE. That’s why we offer online GRE prep courses that give students the tools they need to master this exam. Students learn simple test-taking strategies and put them into practice under the guidance of an instructor. We instill our students with the confidence they need to achieve their best scores on the GRE.

4. Learn What to Bring and What Not to Bring on Test Day

Students should bring valid identification on test day. The name on the ID should match the name the student used to register for the test. Also, students should have their test admission ticket. The admission ticket bears the testing location, the test date, and the colleges that will receive test results. There are no electronic devices or phones allowed in the testing area.

5. Dressing for the Test

Students taking the GRE will be at the testing location for a little over three hours. The total testing time may be longer if students are allowed to take breaks that last more than a few minutes. One valuable tip is to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to the testing location. Students may want to bring a sweater in case the room is cold. Not surprisingly, a student’s level of comfort during the test does have an effect on their performance.

6. Sending Test Results to Colleges

The test fee includes the option of sending GRE score results to up to four colleges. Those who want to arrange to send additional score reports to other colleges must pay a fee. Students can also look at their test scores via their account on the ETS website. A student’s scores on the GRE are valid for five years.

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