5 Things You Need to Do in Order to Go to Graduate School: A Checklist

College ChecklistMany undergraduate students who plan to continue their education after they graduate want to know how to apply for graduate school. First, they should understand that there are several steps in the process of applying to schools.

There are a few documents that must be submitted to a college or university along with an official application. It’s a good idea for students to have a checklist to refer to as they move through the steps of applying for graduate school. Consider some of the materials that should be included with a student’s application.

1. GRE Results

The Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, is a test that measures a student’s skills in writing, reading and math. Graduate school officials who are evaluating an application factor the results of a student’s GRE into their decision. It’s a wise idea for students to take the GRE about a year before applying to graduate school. The fee a student pays to take the GRE includes payment to have test results sent to four graduate schools. If a student wants to send test results to more than four graduate schools, he or she must pay an additional fee for that service. Students can get help preparing for the GRE from our talented team of instructors at Veritas Prep. We use first-rate study resources to provide students with test-taking tips and strategies. Our online courses teach students how to simplify problems in every section of the exam. Our knowledgeable team is proud to assist students as they work toward earning their best possible scores on the GRE.

2. Locate Transcripts

Another important document students must include with their graduate school application is a transcript. Most graduate schools want a student’s final transcript. In addition, there are many institutions that ask for a copy of a student’s undergraduate diploma. Students can get a copy of their final transcript from the office of the registrar at their university.

3. Fill Out the Graduate School Application

Of course, applying for graduate school also involves filling out a school’s official application. Most universities and colleges allow students to do this via their school’s website. A student must create an account in order to have access to a graduate school application. There is usually a fee for submitting an application to a graduate school, which can be paid online. It’s important for students to fill out every part of the application. If there is information missing on an application, a school may put it aside, creating a delay in the process.

4. Ask for Recommendation Letters

Students who want to know how to apply for graduate school must learn all about letters of recommendation. Many universities and colleges require students to include letters of recommendation with their application for graduate school. Letters of recommendation can be written by instructors, employers, volunteer project leaders, and mentors. These letters give graduate school officials insight into the academic skills and talents of an applicant. Also, they describe the motivations of a student as well as his or her personal strengths. These letters serve to paint a clearer picture of a student for graduate school officials. Students should check the specific requirements of the schools they are interested in to find out how many letters to submit. As a general rule, students should have at least three letters included with their application.

5. Create a Statement of Purpose Letter

A statement of purpose letter is also known as an application essay. This letter conveys the reasons why a student wants to earn a graduate degree in a certain field. It is also a student’s opportunity to express why he or she is an ideal candidate for the graduate school program. The application, transcripts, and letters of recommendation are all necessary, but they don’t give graduate school officials a good look at the actual person behind those documents. This essay should be well-organized and free of spelling and grammar errors. It’s helpful for students to practice writing this essay to make sure they include everything they want graduate school officials to know about them.

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