What? How Did He Get Into Harvard?

Application VideoThe admissions statistics can be terrifying. Just under 9% of all applicants got into the Ivy Leagues in 2014 and the numbers seem to get impossibly lower every year. So how can I set myself apart compared to the thousands of other applicants?

As you’re starting the college application process or as you’re starting to think about preparing for college, you may be asking yourself if you really need an admissions consultant.

Like with many of life’s questions, the answer is both no and yes.

For students who are self-directed and know exactly how to approach college applications, the answer may be no. Not everyone needs an admissions consultant. Usually students who are driven, self-directed, and have a great sense of themselves are students who are most successful completing applications on their own. For those who choose not to work with a consultant, parents can play an important role. Parents can help their children through every step of the process – research, match, college visits, application deadlines, and completing each component of the application – or the student can take responsibility for each of these items themselves.

Some students may just need a little bit of help. These students tend to be those who are meticulous and able to work without much direction, but could possibly use a bit more help with finding their voice and expressing themselves creatively and uniquely. Students who just need some help brainstorming topics for their essays and need help digger a bit deeper to write compelling applications may find that a consultant can really provide the extra push that they needed.

Other students (and parents) may find that they need more help through each step of the process. These students may find that a consultant provides a great deal of value because they are able to answer questions and solve problems on the spot, which can save everyone a great deal of time and angst. These families may find that a consultant is the additional help they need to not only keep the process going, but to ensure that the process is a smooth one. Students who are applying to college as the first in their families or those who need more one-on-one attention through the process may benefit from working with a college admissions consultant.

So how can admissions consulting help me get into the top colleges?

For those students who are looking to get into the top colleges, working with an admissions consultant may provide the extra edge that sets them apart from the thousands of other students applying to these schools. An admissions consultant can help you find your unique strengths and help to ensure that you have highlighted those attributes in your application components. The can help you engage in rigorous self-reflection to ensure that your personal statement is an accurate representation of your personality and passions. They can help you to package your application in a way that is authentic and compelling so that you have the best chance of getting into your dream schools.

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By Shay Davis