Pacing Yourself and Avoiding Burnout: Length of the GRE

GREMost standardized tests, such as the SAT or the ACT, take quite a bit of time for students to complete, and the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is no exception. There are three parts to this exam: the verbal reasoning, quantitative, and analytical writing sections. At Veritas Prep, we help students prepare for this lengthy exam. Our online GRE prep courses provide students with the test-taking strategies they need to work through each section with confidence. Consider some information that answers the question, “How long is the GRE test?”

How Long Does the GRE Take?

Students taking the GRE can expect to be at the testing location for approximately three hours and 45 minutes. This amount of time varies depending on how long the break periods are. Students are given 30 minutes to complete each of the two sections of the verbal reasoning test. They are allotted 35 minutes to finish each of the two sections of the quantitative test. For the analytical writing test, students have 30 minutes to complete each of the two essays.

Total Number of Questions on the GRE

How long is the GRE test? In terms of test length, there are 40 total questions in the verbal reasoning section and 40 in the quantitative section. As for the analytical writing section, students must write one issue essay and one argument essay. In short, there is a lot of material for students to complete on the GRE.

Preparing for the GRE

Some students have concerns about becoming overtired or burned out before they complete the GRE. This is a valid concern considering the length of the exam. However, there are ways for a student to avoid burnout on test day. One of the best ways to do this is to take timed practice exams. Some students become stressed and burned out during the GRE because they are rushing to finish test questions before time runs out. By taking timed practice tests, a student can establish a relaxed test-taking pace that they can use on test day. At Veritas Prep, we show students how to avoid spending too much time on puzzling questions. Our professional instructors use their practical experience with the GRE to teach students how to approach and tackle difficult test questions.

Tips to Follow When Taking the Exam

One tip for students to remember when they encounter a difficult question is to skip the question and return to it later. Puzzling over a question for too long can interfere with a student’s test-taking pace. Plus, looking at a difficult question for more than a few moments can start to affect a student’s confidence level. Once the student answers all of the other questions in the section, they can return to the skipped ones. Students must use different tactics to solve difficult questions. For instance, a student who is stumped by a question related to a passage in the verbal reasoning section can go back and look through the passage in search of keywords. These words can lead the student to the correct answer option. Veritas Prep instructors have a large supply of tips that can assist students in dealing with challenging questions in any section of the GRE.

Advice for Test Day

How long does the GRE take? We know now that it takes well more than three hours to complete. Besides taking practice tests and establishing a test-taking rhythm, there are some other things students can do to make sure test day goes smoothly. For instance, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothing to the test. Not surprisingly, wearing clothing that is too tight can become more and more uncomfortable as the test period continues. Also, a student should dress in layers in case it is cold at the testing location. In addition to wearing comfortable clothing, students should eat a protein-rich breakfast so they have sustained energy through the test period. They should avoid sugary foods at breakfast so they don’t run out of energy before the test is complete.

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