I Accepted My Offer of Admission, Now What?

andyCongratulations!!!  After a long process of applying to colleges, you were admitted and have committed to attending an institution in the Fall.  We hope that you will celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy the final days of your high school career!

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Continue to check your new university email and online student accounts often and regularly.  Colleges will often use email or messaging via the online student portals to send you important notices, including deadlines for upcoming tuition payments, housing notifications, etc.  Make sure that you are checking these portals often so you don’t miss anything important.
  • Send your final transcript to the college.  Hopefully senioritis hasn’t gotten the best of you because you still need to submit your final transcripts.  Colleges will rescind offers of admission to students who have gotten Ds or Fs and/or have not completed course requirements.  Yes, colleges can still revoke your admission even if you have paid the enrollment deposit and housing deposits.
  • Complete all financial aid requirements.  If you have not done so already, accept or decline your financial aid awards.  If you have federal loans included in your financial aid award package, make sure you complete entrance loan counseling and sign the Master Promissory Note.  You should receive detailed information on how to do so from your college’s financial aid office.
  • Register and attend orientation.  If you have not already done so, make sure to register for orientation and make plans to arrive on campus in time for the opening festivities!  Most schools will provide valuable information about the college during orientation and orientation can be a great time to meet other new students just like you.  There are often concurrent activities specifically for parents as well.
  • Secure your housing for the Fall.  If you are planning to stay in the dorms, make sure that you have sent in your housing deposit and indicated your preferences for your housing options.  If your college has a housing survey, make sure to fill that out honestly as many colleges will use that information to pair you with a roommate.
  • Register for courses.  Some colleges will allow (and require) you to register for courses before you even arrive on campus.  Make sure you pay attention to any pre-requisite actions that you have to take before you are able to register (i.e.: attend orientation, meet with an academic advisor, etc.).  Start to familiarize yourself with the general education requirements for your college, if applicable, so that you have an idea of the courses you will need to complete throughout your college years.
  • Thank the adults who helped you get to college.  Don’t forget to update the adults who encouraged you along the way and put in extra time and effort to write your recommendations.  Let them know where you decided to attend college and show your appreciation with a nice, personal note.
  • Update your vaccinations and get a physical.  Find out the college’s requirements for vaccinations that you will need to get before arriving on campus.  Many colleges will ask that you get a physical (usually they have a form that your physician can fill out).  Make sure you schedule your appointments in advance and ask for a copy of your medical record just in case you need it in the transition to college.
  • Enjoy your summer!  Take some time this summer to relax, spend time with family and friends, and maybe start to earn/save some money to prepare for college.  Start collecting memoirs that you can take with you to college and mentally and emotionally prepare to become a college student!

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By Jennifer Sohn Lim, Assistant Director of Admissions at Veritas Prep.