99th Percentile GMAT Score or Bust! Lesson 3: The Long Way is the Wrong Way

GMAT Instructor - Ravi SreeramaVeritas Prep’s Ravi Sreerama is the #1-ranked GMAT instructor in the world (by GMATClub) and a fixture in the new Veritas Prep Live Online format as well as in Los Angeles-area classrooms.  He’s beloved by his students for the philosophy “99th percentile or bust!”, a signal that all students can score in the elusive 99th percentile with the proper techniques and preparation.   In this “9 for 99thvideo series, Ravi shares some of his favorite strategies to efficiently conquer the GMAT and enter that 99th percentile.


Lesson Three:

The Long Way is the Wrong Way.  For much of your math education you’ve been urged to go step-by-step and show all your work.  On a timed test like the GMAT, however, you don’t have that luxury of taking your time.  As Ravi demonstrates in this video, however, “the long way is the wrong way” on many GMAT problems, which instead are designed to reward you for making quality estimates, using answer choices as clues, and employing other shortcuts to definitively answer correctly without doing all the work.

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By Brian Galvin