This is How You Can Be Successful on the SAT!

E FischerThe following interview comes from recently had the opportunity to conduct a Q&A session with Eric Fischer, one of Veritas Prep’s expert SAT instructors, to inquire about the SAT and get his take on the questions that many college applicants would like to ask with regards to SAT prep courses and how to be successful at achieving their desired SAT score.

What motivates you to be an SAT instructor?

I enjoy helping students improve on an exam that can have an enormous impact on their lives. It can help get them into college of their choice and save them thousands of dollars on tuition if they do well. I believe that any student can score well on the SAT too, which is another motivating factor. It just takes time and dedication, like anything else.

Is there a common misconception of the SAT or of what is a realistic SAT score?

I think any student can score well on the SAT. The common misconception is that the SAT measures your intelligence or college-readiness. The SAT, I think, really only measures your ability to take the SAT—so put in the time and dedication and you can achieve your goal.

What is the largest SAT score increase you have seen?

I have seen students improve from a score in the 1700’s to a 2200+ score. And I have seen that multiple times. That’s a student going from limited college options to an SAT score suitable for any university, not to mention lots of scholarship money.

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By Shay Davis