School Profile: Find Your Path to Giving at Brandeis University

Brandeis University is ranked #57 on the Veritas Prep College Rankings. Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, it is a small research university with a focus on liberal arts. Students get to experience all the great activities on campus and enjoy a bonus of having historical Boston just nine miles away. The University is notable for their involvement in and dedication to policies that address mental health, health, youth, families, substance abuse, child abuse, and elder abuse, as well as being pioneers in international and community development. The University’s philanthropic identity is the backdrop for developing young students into mature adults who wish to change the world on both a large and small scale.

The academic advantage of attending Brandeis University is its combination of a global research university and liberal arts college. As one of the smaller research universities in the nation, it allows students to work closely with faculty who are leaders in their noted fields. The student body is just under 6,000 students with a majority of them falling into the College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate program. There are also two professional schools, and a graduate school in Arts and Sciences. The noted Rabb School of Continuing Studies enhances students’ opportunities through its relationships with other colleges in the Boston region. This is the perfect university for those who want to integrate theory with practice through internships, field-work, international opportunities, and experiential learning. At Brandeis it’s not just about the individual; it’s about finding ways to contribute to the greater good through academic excellence.

‘Be Brandeisian.’ What does that mean, exactly? It’s a way of life; it’s who you become when you attend Brandeis University. Here individuals thrive within their unique community sharing and embracing all viewpoints and opinions. Through extracurricular activities and academic pursuits students come to value all points of view, consequently bettering themselves and those around them. With a wide array of student clubs, activities, and campus events students can delve deeply into long-held interests as well as discover some new ones. There is no Greek life at Brandeis; sororities and fraternities are not allowed, as they are in contrast with the school’s philosophy of inclusivity based on capability and interest. Brandeisians can participate in a number of community service programs that serve Waltham and give back to the community that embraces them. At Brandeis University, you have all the tools and support needed to become a well-rounded individual in service to the world.


Brandeis University has nineteen Division III varsity teams competing in the University Athletic Association; this league has a reputation for being the cream of the crop among Division III athletic conferences. This allows Brandeis students to compete at the top level in their division, fully exercising their athletic prowess. The school holds numerous NCAA team and individual championship titles across an array of sports. Brandeis University believes physical health and well-being is just as important as academics, so each student must engage in at least two semesters of activity courses. Students who do not play on one of the varsity sports teams have a wide variety of intramural club teams that they can choose from to enjoy some good old-fashioned competition. For those primarily interested in personal fitness, they can access state-of-the-art facilities on campus including a pool and weight room. Brandeis also offers its students group classes such as yoga, or personal fitness training that ensures each individual has their fitness needs met.

Brandeis has a tradition of political activism, including a student takeover of Ford Hall (now the location of Shapiro Campus Center), and graduating notable activists like Angela Davis. However, the University seems more committed to the present than attached to the past. While they are light on tradition, they are long on volunteerism, and have a strong sense of school spirit and camaraderie. There are many factors that make Brandeis University an exceptional choice, the biggest of which is their sense of community. Their commitment to inclusion and open-minded thought creates a vibrant and welcoming environment. If you want to attend a school where your individuality will be appreciated and your voice heard, then Brandeis University could be the place for you.

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By Colleen Hill