School Profile: Graduate in 3 Years from Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University is liberal arts college that is ranked #40 in the Veritas Prep Elite College Rankings. Located in beautiful Middletown, Connecticut, this campus overlooks the gorgeous Connecticut River. Within Middletown, students have access to a variety of museums, restaurants, and shops, as well as outdoor activities like hiking trails and river cruises. Wesleyan offers small class sizes, elite professors, and rigorous academic programs. Faculty and staff are devoted to making each individual’s college experience one that is completely unique for them. This University is dedicated to shaping students into diverse, creative, driven, independent, and generous people of the world. Wesleyan is more than a University; it is a place for students to thrive both academically and personally.

The academic program at Wesleyan is a rigorous one dedicated to giving students an expansive education at the highest level. There are no core requirements to adhere to at Wesleyan; students work closely with advisors to customize their schedule to fit their individual needs. Natural sciences and mathematics, the arts and humanities, and the social and behavioral sciences are the three spheres utilized to customize each student’s course load. Aside from creating an individualized academic plan, students are also given the opportunity to participate in many research programs with professors who are leaders in their fields.

There are two things in particular that make Wesleyan stand out, their summer sessions and their three-year program. Students get the chance to take rigorous five week courses during the summer, this is beneficial to those who want to advance more quickly through their schedule and is a main part of the three-year program. The three-year program is set up for students who possess the desire, dedication, and commitment to their academics to complete their degrees a year ahead of schedule. There are many benefits to this program, the main being the reduction in tuition. If you are a go-getter with the desire to work hard and get ahead quickly Wesleyan is the school for you.

Wesleyan University has 26 NCAA Division III teams that play in a wide variety of sports from crew to football. They offer both club teams and Intramural sports programs for all students to participate in. Wesleyan is devoted to providing the best athletic opportunities for their students, because they believe it assists them in becoming well-rounded individuals. Wesleyan also offers many community programs and outside programs such as adult fitness and sport camps and clinics. Along with outstanding facilities and competitive sports teams, students are provided with health and wellness courses that teach them how to live balanced and healthy lives.

Campus life at Wesleyan is extremely well-rounded; students typically have their hands in many different pies, juggling a multitude of diverse activities. Aside from their studies and athletics you’ll see them participating in at least one of the 200 student organizations. Students can also assist in tutoring at the local elementary school and various other community support programs. There is a wide variety of artistic and cultural events for students to participate in or watch. Several events from listening to world renowned speakers to student and faculty potlucks are offered throughout the year. All students are required to live on campus throughout their four years with a variety of housing options to choose from that encourage community. Religious and spiritual programs, health and wellness centers, and career resource centers are just a few of the student support services at Wesleyan University.

If you attend Wesleyan University you will soon find your favorite colors to be cardinal red and black. This college is all about spirit and tradition. At sporting events students show their pride by singing “The Fight Song.” One of the most celebrated traditions is the firing of the Douglas Cannon. It began in the 1860s as a contest between freshman and sophomores, with freshmen dead set on firing the cannon and sophomores tasked with trying to prevent them. This rivalry was known as the “Cannon Scrap.” As time went on the game changed, and now you will see the cannon often “missing” from its normal location on College Row and popping up in random places such as being presented to the White house and the Russian Mission at the United nations, editor’s office of Life magazine, and the inauguration of Wesleyan President Roth in 2007; its current location is unknown. If you’re a freshmen heading to Wesleyan, start thinking about how are you and your class can outdo some of these legendary locations.

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By Colleen Hill