School Profile: Give Back and Become a Global Citizen at Macalester College

Macalester College, a small private liberal arts college in the Midwest, is ranked #54 among the Veritas Prep College Rankings. Located in an elegant old residential neighborhood, it is just minutes from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The Twin Cities is a lively metropolitan area that boasts museums, eclectic restaurants, Fortune 500 hundred companies, a variety of shows, and much more.

This is the perfect place for students to get top-of-the-line internships, delve into cultural experiences, immerse themselves in the arts, and find meaningful ways to give back and create positive change. Macalester provides its students with excellent academic programs, athletic opportunities, and cultural diversity.

Macalester is a small liberal arts college that was founded in 1874; its continued devotion to improving academics programs, hiring exceptional faculty, and providing top notch resources and opportunities is what allows Macalester students to thrive. The success of the students who attend Macalester starts with the faculty, where more than ninety percent hold the highest degrees in their field, or have doctorates. The school combines an elite faculty with small class sizes that provide students an exceptional, personalized academic experience. Students can choose from over 35 majors and 63 areas of study, with more than 800 courses in over 30 departments.

One of the most notable aspects of Macalester is their dedication to Global Citizenship. They have one of the highest percentages of international students in the nation. Students are encouraged to partake in internships and service learning opportunities both nationally and internationally, tackling some of the world’s most complex issues in their prospective professions. Macalester puts an emphasis on multiculturalism, service to society, and internationalism within their academic programs, creating global citizens in their desired fields.

Macalester College, an NCAA Division III college, competes in the MIAC where both men and women compete in roughly ten different sports. For those who do not wish compete on varsity teams, there are club and intramural sports for the entire student body. These teams develop leadership skills and confidence in a healthy and fun environment. Fitness is important at Macalester; staff in the campus fitness center create strength training and conditioning programs for individuals based on scientific training methods and principles. Whether you want the thrill of competition or to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Macalester has the tools and resources to assist you.

Like many colleges Macalester requires students to live on campus for the first two years. This requirement is the perfect way for students to grow socially and be surrounded by like-minded people. While there is no Greek life at Macalester, there are language houses as well as hobby and lifestyle houses that allow students with similar interests to connect. There are a wide variety of clubs offered at Macalester from Bio Club to Climbing Club and everything in between. Civic engagement opportunities are abundant locally, nationally, and internationally allowing students to find projects they are passionate about and give back to a multitude of communities. Student publications and the arts also play an important role on campus.

One of the biggest traditions at Macalester is a game of pushball usually done in March where students separate by class and compete against each other. Pushball is simply trying to push a giant ball across a goal. The winning team will usually take on the staff and faculty team; while not every student participates, many come out to cheer on their respective classes. Other favorite traditions at Macalester include Fall Harvest Fest and Spring Fest. Harvest Fest is celebrated in November where students eat delicious potluck food, listen to old timey folk music, and contra dance. Spring Fest is all about music; students enjoy talented local musicians and even the school band.

Macalester could be a great choice for you if you embrace Midwest values, love a good garage band, and feel comfortably confident in the rec room or the board room.

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By Colleen Hill