School Profile: Create Your Own Major at the University of Southern California

Ranked #43 among colleges in the Veritas Prep College Rankings is The University of Southern California. Located in Los Angeles, USC is one of the largest research universities in the nation. Set in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the campus boasts breathtaking renaissance-style architecture surrounded by beautiful sculptures, water fountains, and well-manicured seating areas. The campus is an oasis of tranquil beauty, but once you step outside its comfort, you’re in the hustle and bustle of all things LA. A wide array of delicious eateries, cute shops, excellent nightlife, and the chance to spot a celebrity or two when grabbing your favorite chai are just a few of the perks of going to school in the City of Angels. If you want a well-rounded education in a city that is famous for making dreams come true, then the University of Southern California is the college for you.

The academic experience at the University of Southern California is one of endless possibilities. They allow their students to create unique major and minor combinations that few have done before. Each student is allowed the flexibility and given the proper resources to build the ideal academic plan that best suits them. Allowing students to pair majors and minors that are vastly different from one another is what sets this university apart from many. Along with a wide range of degree options and couplings there are also great programs that can help students achieve academic prowess that they could not attain at other universities. Their progressive degree program is just one of the options that showcases this; students can start to work on their master’s degree while finishing the requirements of their bachelor’s degree.

The University of Southern California offers a wide range of Research and Discovery programs that can lead to opportunities such as having your work published or showcasing findings at conferences. Having this campus located in the hustle and bustle of LA also gives students the chance to participate in several community service and service learning projects. USC focuses on the importance of technology in society, and also the significance of global experiences. Many students participate in study abroad programs learning second and third languages. The wide range of programs, resources, and freedom of academic expression are what make the University of Southern California one of the most sought after colleges among high school students.

Campus life at the University of Southern California starts with housing options; freshmen residence halls, suites, apartments, along with family housing, ensure each student finds his or her perfect fit in a new home. On campus there is never a dull moment with over 800 student organizations to choose from. That is just the beginning; students can take part in many arts and culture programs, classes, and festivities, cultural organizations, and community service projects. Along with student government and an active Greek life, there isn’t much the University doesn’t offer its students. The extracurricular activities assist students in pursuing their interests, becoming leaders, finding their niches, and most of all, having a great college experience.

When it comes to athletic excellence, there are few universities that can compete with the University of Southern California. They are a powerhouse in NCAA Division I sports with 115 team and 361 individual national championship titles to prove it, not to mention the 11 football championships. The number of athletic accolades this University holds is mind-blowing and would take up several pages. Other student-athletes on campus can also compete in intramural and club sports teams that are open to all students. The facilities at USC are vast and top-of-the-line; they include tennis courts, a swim stadium, track and field facilities, and a fitness center, just to name a few. Students also have several fitness options available to them such as yoga, martial arts, aquatics programs, and more.

The University of Southern California is one of the oldest universities in California with deep roots and traditions, and as a top-tier sports competitor, it’s no wonder most of them revolve around athletics. USC has no shortage of rivals. Notre Dame and UCLA head the list, so be sure you’ve learned the words to “Fight On,” the school’s official fight song, and be prepared to belt them out at these games. The pride of Trojan spirit is big at USC. The marching band, known as the Spirit of Troy, has been featured in more than ten major movies and performed at two summer Olympics that were hosted in Los Angeles. To attend the University of Southern California is to embrace the red and gold.

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By Colleen Hill