School Profile: Become a Global Graduate of Emory University

Emory University is located in the beautiful suburb of Druid Hills, Georgia, and is ranked #46 among colleges in the Veritas Prep College Rankings. This is an exceptional and exquisite campus just 15 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Surrounded by gorgeous trees, flowers, and shrubbery, it has a small town feel within picturesque natural surroundings. This school is in a perfect location for those who like to experience all four seasons and want variety in their life and education. It’s only a half-day trip to many South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida beaches, or the Blue Ridge or Great Smoky Mountains are also just a few hours’ drive. Attending Emory University allows you the opportunity to explore all Georgia has to offer.

The academic philosophy of Emory University is “the active, passionate pursuit of learning for a better world.” With this simple and straight-forward principle, students graduate from Emory with the tools to make an outstanding difference in their desired fields. There are nine undergraduate and graduate schools within this University, offering small classes of 25 or fewer students in most cases. Students get a more intimate experience through this academic design. A little less than 40% of the student body travels overseas for research, service, or international projects that allow them to become global citizens well before graduation day. Studying in roughly 40 countries in over 100 programs allows Emory students the opportunity to impact the global landscape while shaping their own futures. If you’re looking for a great education combined with real life experience, Emory University is the place for you.

Campus life at Emory starts with the 75% of students who choose to live on campus, even though it is only a requirement for freshmen and sophomores. The mandatory meal plan offers a wide range of options that will satisfy the individual needs of all students. Arts at Emory gives students access to hundreds of concerts, exhibits, and programs for the best in cultural experiences. Creativity and Arts allows students to indulge in interdisciplinary creativity through groups and classes. There are also a plethora of community volunteer programs, various religious groups and activities, and more than a hundred clubs for student participation. Emory University ensures each student not only has a successful academic and athletic life, but also a well-rounded college experience.

Emory is a Division III University, with 18 varsity sports teams—football not being one of them. They’re ranked high in the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics for their topnotch athletics program. This exceptional feat is reserved for only a few schools in the nation. With 16 Division II national championships in various sports, they have proven they are an athletic force to be reckoned with. Emory also believes that all their students should participate in athletics, so they offer “Play” Emory programs. Four different athletic experiences, Emory Club Sports, Emory Intramurals, Fitness Emory, and Play4Life, allow students to find the niche that best suits them. State-of-the-art facilities and athletic educational programs encourage students to see their physical health as just as important as their intellectual development while attending Emory.
From the moment you step on campus at Emory University you will feel welcomed and begin to find your place in this college community. Classroom on the Quad, Wonderful Wednesdays, and Emory Cares International Service Day are just a few of the activities where you can start becoming a part of Emory tradition. The campus is riddled with secret societies; new people are chosen to become involved in them based on their contributions to the campus life, so join in right away.  One of the more unique traditions is campus fixation with “Who is Dooley?” Since 1899, Dooley has been the official spirit of Emory in the form of a biology lab skeleton. Maybe you’ll be the one to solve the mystery of Dooley.

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By Colleen Hill