School Profile: Your Dreams Become Reality at UCLA

The University of California – Los Angeles is ranked #34 on the Veritas Prep Elite College Rankings. UCLA is located in the upscale Westwood neighborhood, surrounded by Beverly Hills, Century City, Bel Air, and Brentwood. You would be hard-pressed to find a more unique urban setting for a university than this.

Take a bike ride down Pacific Coast Highway, become an extra in a movie production, stroll along trendy Sunset Boulevard, window shop on exclusive Wilshire Boulevard, hang out in the sun by the Santa Monica Pier, or discover the local celebrity haunts. Take a weekend trip outside the city to a local music festival like Coachella. There is so much to do in this iconic town, you’ll discover passions you never knew you had.

Attending UCLA is more than getting a degree at the end of four years; it is an experience that cannot be recreated anywhere else. The City of Angels is full of possibility, and UCLA is the college where dreams become reality.

UCLA has one of the most rigorous academic programs in the nation, offering more than five thousand courses in over one hundred academic departments. With a little over 120 majors to choose from, you can easily define your desired major and begin developing the required skills necessary for your chosen field. With so many academic opportunities one may feel they could be lost in the shuffle, but more than seventy percent of undergraduate classes have fewer than thirty students. These small class sizes allow each student the chance to receive personalized attention from the internationally renowned professors.

The faculty includes Fulbright Scholars and Nobel Prize winners, among other academically acclaimed professors, who provide challenging coursework that stimulates the student body. There are powerful resources offered to the students attending UCLA from research opportunities to internships. Los Angeles provides an environment for UCLA students where connections can be made to further academic and career goals on a wide scale, due to the myriad big name companies in a multitude of fields that call LA home. Whether your goal is to change a single life or the entire world, you can achieve your academic dreams at this elite University.

There is never a dull moment at UCLA; the annual Bruin Bash famously kick starts the beginning of the school year. With more than eight hundred clubs to choose from and the opportunity to begin your own, you’ll always find a new way to participate and enjoy time with your fellow classmates. Along with the clubs, many students start new businesses, participate in community building projects, and run a variety of organizations. The students aren’t the only ones taking advantage of campus life; the faculty is part of what makes this school thrive, participating in innovative research programs that continuously develop and change the world for the better.

True Bruins put action behind their words and are driven by the school’s philosophy of “integrity, excellence, accountability, respect, and service.” The student body and faculty on this campus are committed to a nurturing and inclusive environment that encourages each student to contribute to the greater good. Students stay in residence halls within a few minutes of classes and enjoy amenities such as cafes and recreation centers. There are a wide range of student support centers and programs, health and safety resources, and organizations making this urban oasis filled with palm trees and energizing vistas a well-rounded campus.

The Athletic department at UCLA is one of the most elite in the country, with a long history of athletic achievements. This NCAA Division I athletic program, whose athletes compete in a wide range of sports, draws some of the best athletes in the nation. UCLA has won the most NCAA titles among all of the colleges. Its students have produced over 251 Olympic medals, holding more Olympic medals than most countries. Not only are the athletes who attend UCLA winners in their particular sports, they are also extremely invested in their academics, and valued participants in the community. This makes them highly versatile members of society. The UCLA quote, “Champions don’t go here, champions are made here,” epitomizes their dedication to athletic prowess.

UCLA athletics are supported by thirteen state-of-the-art facilities including, stadiums, pools, recreational centers, and more. Not only are the varsity athletes valued and well cared for, but the entire faculty and student body are as well; the University offers recreational classes in yoga, martial arts, sailing, and much more. Several camps are provided for varsity athletes as well as camps for community members, including summer camps for kids in grades K-12. There are also group recreational exercise classes and Intramural programs. UCLA is the place to completely expand and reach your academic and physical goals.

Traditions include trying to capture or prank crosstown rival USC’s mascot while protecting their own before the big football game; it also includes the Beat USC Bonfire and Rally. Spring Sing is held annually at Pauley Pavilion or the Los Angeles Tennis Center; it originated 70 years ago as a competition among sororities for “Champion Serenaders of Sorority Row.” Other more recent traditions include Entertainment Networking Night, I Love UCLA Week, Locks of Love, and Dinners for 12 Strangers.

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By Colleen Hill