School Profile: Build Authentic and Lasting Friendships at Carleton College

Carleton College is ranked #28 on the Veritas Prep Elite College Rankings; it’s a smaller liberal arts college located in Northfield, Minnesota. Founded in 1866, this is a private college on 880 acres of land with three ecosystems – prairies, a forest, and wetlands. A tranquil campus that is only thirty minutes from the bustling twin cities.  Carleton offers 37 majors with 15 different concentrations in humanities, the arts, natural sciences, and social sciences. This is an ideal college for students who are looking for a close-knit campus community with a focus on excellence. From sustainability to community service projects, Carleton is the perfect place for those who want to have an expanded college experience. As the third oldest college in the state of Minnesota they believe that “human knowledge is the real frontier.”

At Carleton the curriculum is designed to focus on problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, flexibility, and communication giving you a well-rounded foundation. Their academic program is revered by many and noted as one of the best in the world, and on almost every notable list of elite colleges. Carleton has distinguished faculty that are among leading scholars, artists, researchers, and scientists in their respective fields; but it’s their commitment to education that makes them invaluable. Often times, they’ll open their homes or share a lunch hour to better their students’ educations. Carleton uses a three term academic period to allow students to focus on classes and engage in a variety of diverse interests throughout each year. Great study abroad options, community service, research projects, and seminars are just a few of the ways this college excels at providing excellent post-secondary educational experiences.

Roughly ninety percent of the students live on campus, with three housing options: residence halls, campus townhouses, and shared interest houses. There are three dining facilities, kitchenettes in each residence hall, and vending machines throughout the campus. The campus is dedicated to sustainability, as evidenced through the use of a wind turbine for energy, locally grown food, and the installation of an energy-saving roof. There are more than 230 student organizations, with new ones like Random Acts of Kindness or The Gender Neutral Cheerboys that are created each year. If you need a break and space to clear your mind take a walk through “The Arb,” which is the arboretum campus, or head thirty minutes to the Twin Cities where you can lose yourself in the culture and energy of city life.  There are also plenty of things to do in nearby Northfield, such as plays, lectures, concerts, films, and sporting events.

Carleton is known for its academic prowess, but it is also home to eighteen NCAA Division III varsity athletic teams in the Minnesota Athletic Intercollegiate Conference. The college offers organized club sports and the Intramural Sports League that allows both students and faculty a chance to participate. If you are not interested in team sports and just want to get out and enjoy nature while working up a sweat, there are many areas on campus to walk, run, bike, and cross country ski. For those who prefer the indoors there are yoga classes, bosu, meditation, massage, racquetball, a fitness center, and a climbing wall. No matter what physical activity interests you, Carleton has what you need.

If you appreciate Midwestern values with a global perspective, then Carleton College in Minnesota may be the ideal school for you. They value tradition and are dedicated to providing an enriching college experience for every student. Have you ever dreamed of painting a water tower? This is one of Carleton’s more unusual traditions; one year they painted the tower with a Clinton theme and he ended up being elected President that year. They have an annual “Late Night Trivia” game show every winter term that is hosted by their college radio station where students compete by guessing songs and answering crazy questions. If you dream of a college that is dedicated to your success, and a place where you build authentic and lasting friendships, then Carleton College is the college for you.

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By Colleen Hill